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How Neymar, Mbappé and PSG manage the “penaltygate” of the match against Montpellier – RMC Sport


If PSG largely won against Montpellier (5-2) on Saturday evening, for the second day of Ligue 1, everyone remembered the image of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé fighting over a penalty. On both sides, however, serenity is in order, while a meeting with the two players, Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos should take place quickly. The good mood at PSG since the summer tour in Japan is already experiencing its first truce and management Parisian would no doubt have imagined it later in the season. Time for an evening of reunion with the public at the Parc des Princes, for the first home game of the 2022-2023 financial year. Of this great comeback under the Parisian summer heat against Montpellier on Saturday evening, there will perhaps only be the sequence of the penalty shot by Neymar in the 43rd minute of play.An initiative taken by the Brazilian striker, after an exchange with Kylian Mbappe. As revealed by RMC Sport, no hierarchy has been established for this exercise throughout the season. Christophe Galtier intends to give instructions before each meeting according to the context, the composition and the state of form of each other. For this poster, the Parisian coach had chosen to name Mbappé as number 1 and Neymar as number 2, as he indicated in a post-match press conference. Later in the evening RMC Sport confirmed that Kylian Mbappé was actually affected by personal problems. A particular context came to be added to this sequence of the penalty. A moment during which the Parisian striker wanted to express a form of disagreement with a sporting decision. A proof of character that can divide but specific to the soul of a competitor in this collective of stars. Tensions that are part of the life of a club like PSG. Mbappé is calm, ready to resume with a smile Behind the scenes, Kylian Mbappé approaches this episode with great calm. He is already preparing to resume training, with a smile, before facing Lille on Sunday evening in Villeneuve-d’Ascq. On the side of the player from Bondy, no one-upmanship will be made. In the Brazilian clan, we also temporize, while the main interested party takes a break for Father’s Day, which was celebrated this Sunday in Brazil. And this despite the tweets openly attacking Mbappé, liked last night by the number 10 in Paris. His relatives repeat that the player, author of a double against the MHSC, is happier than ever at Paris Saint-Germain, already fully integrated into the new game system of Christophe Galtier (3-4-1-2) and exemplary daily. Whether at Camp des Loges or in official matches, with already three goals scored and three assists. Those around him do not doubt for a moment that the general public will realize that the two men are still close and that the comments made in recent hours are false. A meeting with Mbappé and Neymar planned A serenity also felt in the club of the capital. PSG intends to manage this situation by using the soft method but by being “fair”, the key word of the new policy put in place by the Parisian board. The latter also preferring to deal with character players rather than less expressive players. An exchange should be organized in the coming days between Neymar, Mbappé, Christophe Galtier and sports adviser Luis Campos. A way to definitely make this episode, a simple sequence of the daily life of a club.



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