NewsWorldBritish Police investigate threats to JK Rowling for her...

British Police investigate threats to JK Rowling for her support of Salman Rushdie


“Don’t worry, you’re next,” reads a message posted by Rowling herself on Twitter, a text posted from an account opened in Pakistan in which the person responsible for the attack on Rushdie was praised. The message had been deleted on the morning of this Sunday. Rowling has claimed to feel “very sick” by the news of Rushdie’s assault and wished him a speedy recovery. She later posted a screenshot with the threatening message. “Thanks to everyone who sends me messages of support. The Police are working on it. I was already working on it due to other threats,” the author explained. A Scottish police spokesman has confirmed that they have received a complaint about a threat via the Internet. “There are agents investigating,” the BBC reported. Police have already investigated previous threats to Rowling related to her views on transgender issues.



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