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Almería vs Real Madrid, live the match of day 1 of the Spanish La Liga – Marca México


Thank you very much for following the direct of the match between Almera and Real Madrid. The champions have started the season with a comeback. Don’t forget to follow all the information about LaLiga through MARCA Claro. Bye. You can consult the chronicle, HERE. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 90 +6′ | IT’S OVER! Real Madrid starts in LaLiga with a win. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 90 +3′ | COURTOIS! Ely’s shot that contains the Madrid goalkeeper. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 90 +1′ | Chumi’s shot that goes over the top on the corner kick. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 90′ | Six minutes are added. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 88′ | FERNANDO! The Almera goalkeeper dresses up as a hero once again and avoids an own goal for Madrid’s third. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 86′ | Arnau is reprimanded for putting Hazard down. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 84′ | Almera tries to go to the front to look for the equalizer. Now Courtois avoids the tie after a shot on the edge. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 83′ | Ceballos and Casemiro by Kroos and Vinicius. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 81′ | New change in the local box. Eguaras left and Portillo entered. Aranu also enters for Kaiky. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 78′ | The visiting team is not satisfied with the comeback and looks for the third. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 76′ | There is a hydration break in the game. Almera 1-2 Real Madrid | 75′ | GOOOOOOOOL! Alaba from a free kick seals the comeback. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 74′ | Praise for Mendy. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 74′ | Foul on Modric and there is a free kick for Madrid. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 71′ | Sousa and Lazo enter for Ramazni and Sadiq. They leave to applause. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 69′ | Benzema is left with an annoyance after a contact from Babic before taking a corner kick. He rejoins. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 67′ | Inattention at Real Madrid with Mendy and Courtois must force a corner kick. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 66′ | Yellow card for Curro for a foul in three quarters on Vinicius. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 65′ | Nacho goes out to hunt down Ramazani and stops Almera’s counterattack. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 63′ | I shoot and Benzema who goes over the top. Madrid is close to the somersault. Almera 1-1 Real Madrid | 61′ | GOOOOOOOOOL! Lucas Vzquez finally breaks the zero and seals the tie. Great play by Vinicius. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 60′ | Almera’s plan does not change and they continue to seek to take care of the scoreboard. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 58′ | Ancelotti sends Eden Hazard onto the field and Thcoumni leaves the field. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 57′ | Curro moment and it was everything for Robertone. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 55′ | GOALIE! Fernando steals the tie from Madrid and saves the place again. The goalkeeper receives attention. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 54′ | Almera falls back and tries to keep the advantage. Meanwhile, Rubi prepares a move. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 53′ | COURTOIS! Sadiq dares to break the lines and shoots but the goalkeeper saves Ancelotti’s men. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 52′ | Almera’s central line intercepts Madrid’s shipments, but the feeling of danger is constant. Now a shot by Vzquez is saved by the goalkeeper. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 50′ | CLOSE! Long possession by Almera and it ends in a shot by Costa that goes very close to Courtois’ right post. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 48′ | Amera waits for a counter that dislodges Madrid, while the visit controls the ball. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 46′ | For the complement, Modric entered and Camavinga left. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 45′ | START THE COMPLEMENT! Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 45 +5′ | TO REST! Real Madrid is falling by the minimum, despite the fact that they have had chances to score. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 45 +3′ | Another corner kick for Real Madrid, this time after a set piece. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 45 +2′ | Madrid has managed seven shots on goal, but does not end up scoring the equalizer. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 45′ | Four minutes are added…Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 44′ | The replay shows a very tight play, it seemed that Lucas Vázquez was on the line. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 43′ | OUT OF PLACE! Kroos pass to Lucas Vzquez but the player’s goal is annulled for offside. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 42′ | Great interventions by Kaiky to bother Madrid’s shots. The defense does not end up breaking. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 41′ | Yellow card for Sadiq and Camavinga. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 39′ | TO THE CORNER THROW! Vinicius tunnels but then they stop the Brazilian and there is a corner kick. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 37′ | TO NOTHING! Vinicius faces the goalkeeper but takes time to define and the shot is deflected by the goalkeeper. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 36′ | Vinicus goes deeper and touches the area but there was no one cleared the Almera. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 34′ | Good shipment for Benzema but the Frenchman cannot capitalize on the occasion. For little they take advantage of a defensive oversight. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 32′ | The line of five in defense prevents Real Madrid from receiving comfortable two of its references in attack. The locals are playing with only one point. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 30′ | Pause for hydration. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 28′ | BENZEMA! Nice service from Kroos but the Frenchman’s shot remains in the hands of the goalkeeper. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 27′ | Complicated minutes for Rdiger, the center-back is not fine with coverage and now he commits a foul in the middle of the field. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 25′ | Valverde’s center that the goalkeeper catches without problems. The visit tries to pierce the sides with services. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 23′ | Now the locals dare to put pressure on Madrid to leave and the fans recognize the effort. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 21′ | Almera’s defense seeks to be well placed, while Madrid tries to play quickly to destabilize. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 19′ | TO NOTHING! Benzema’s shot on the corner kick and goes to the corner. Madrid is close to equalizing. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 17′ | The game is stopped so that Sadiq can receive attention. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 16′ | Rdiger’s carelessness but Sadiq can’t capitalize on the counter. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 15′ | FERNANDO! The goalkeeper covers Valverde’s shot. He warns Madrid again. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 13′ | New arrival from Almera, but Sadiq’s shot goes just wide. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 11′ | Another corner kick for Madrid, now it was after a shot by Rdiger. The defense rejects. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 09′ | UFFFFF! Vinicius shoots the diagonal for Benzema but the Frenchman’s shot goes over the top. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 08′ | FERNANDO! Good save by the goalkeeper to send the corner kick and rob Valverde of the goal. Almera 1-0 Real Madrid | 06′ | GOOOOOOOOOOL! Almera surprises Real Madrid and opens the scoring. Terrible mistake in defense and defines Ramazani alone. Almera 0-0 Real Madrid | 05′ | Almera got complicated at the start, Benzema almost stole the ball but there was a throw-in. Almera 0-0 Real Madrid | 04′ | NOTICE! Good possession by Real Madrid, but Vzquez’s shot goes wide. Almera 0-0 Real Madrid | 02′ | Almera reach Courtois’s goalkeeper but Chumi’s shot does not cause major complications for the goalkeeper. Almera 0-0 Real Madrid | 00′ | START THE PARTY! The ball is already rolling. Everything ready for the match Almera vs Real Madrid Almera 0-0 Real Madrid | PREVIOUS | The teams come out onto the field. Tchouamni and Rdiger, the players to watch for the LaLiga debut 2:50 pm | There are two debuts for the initial match in LaLiga Espaola. The central Rdiger will see minutes this Sunday and also the midfielder Tchouamni, who promises to contribute a lot today. The players go out to warm up for the Almera vs. Real Madrid game 2:35 pm | Players from both institutions carry out preparation exercises for today’s game. Quuin takes the three points’ This is how Real Madrid arrived at the Power Horse Stadium14:25 hrs | The entrance of the Real Madrid players to the dressing room of the Power Horse Stadium to face Almera. Confirmed alignment of AlmeríaOn the other hand, the local team appears with this eleven. Almera: Ferdinand; Chumi, Kaiky, Ely, Babi, Akieme; Eguaras, Robertone, Samu Costa; Ramazani, Sadiq. Confirmed line-up of Real Madrid This is the team sent by Carlo Ancelotti to face the match. Tchouamni be the chosen one to go boot. Real Madrid: Courtois; Lucas, Nacho, Rdiger, Mendy; Tchouamni, Kroos, Camavinga; Valverde, Vinicius and Benzema. Good Sunday everyone and welcome to the match between Almera and Real Madrid on matchday 1 of LaLiga Espaola. The champion appears as a visitor and begins the path to revalidation of the crown. Almera have returned to LaLiga Espaola after an absence of seven years, where they finally hope to establish themselves in the First Division. But he will have a tough obstacle when he opens with the ‘merengues’. After winning the European Super Cup, Madrid wants to reap its long road to a successful season and they hope today to score three points to start on the right foot and take advantage of the bitter result del Barcelona. Do not miss all the actions below in MARCA Claro. Almera vs Real Madrid: predictions for the game of day 1The predictions of bookmakers put Madrid as the great favorite with odds of -223 with the victory, while Almera is +550 and the tie is +400.



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