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Fires in Gironde: “dry storms” expected, firefighters fear new fire starts


The fire is now “held” in Gironde, even if it is not yet “fixed”, according to the latest report from the firefighters. They fear “a difficult night” with new fire starts overnight due to “dry storms” expected in the coming hours. The fire continues to rage in Gironde, and the authorities fear new fire starts in the night from Saturday to Sunday due to the weather conditions expected in the coming hours. “We have a weather problem coming, thunderstorms are announced for the Gironde but they are dry thunderstorms” explained the prefect of the department Fabienne Buccio, specifying that ‘it would be “thunderstorms without rain but with lightning that will fall to the ground”. “The night could still be difficult” These thunderstorms are “really not a good thing” for the firefighters and were to hit the department from 9 p.m., according to the prefect. Firefighters, gendarmes and officials of the Defense of Forests Against Fire (DFCI) are “on alert” and “ready to intervene” in the event of a fire starting. “We hope that temperatures will drop [demain, NDLR]it will be rather the good news, but the night could still be difficult for all those who intervene on the ground” still warned Fabienne Buccio. The fire of Landiras, which resumed on Tuesday, is now “held but not fixed”, according to the latest report from the prefecture. The firefighters also fear “gusts of wind of around 50 km / h” announced in the coming hours. “Nine houses” burned This Saturday, the French firefighters and their reinforcements from ‘Europe treated “hot spots and drowned the edges”, explained Marc Verleulen, head of the SDIS in Gironde. “We continued to treat a certain number of hot spots and drowned the edges, we took the opportunity to make a number of additional reconnaissances,” he said. These reconnaissances established that nine houses and “a number of nearby outbuildings” were burned.



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