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Zero draw in Las Palmas de Zaragoza almost twin to last year –


Zero tie to open mouth in this league 22-23. Nothing new to tell hardly. The same Zaragoza from last year, with Molina as the only new face in the starting eleven, was very similar to Real Zaragoza from last season. Something natural and little news. A team that Carcedo, the new coach, wants to turn into a spartan block, ordered down to the last detail, tactical in all its details and gestures, but which still lacks the nuclear in this football: the goal, the arrival with poison in the area rival. A bad old thing that has not been repaired and that in this league debut was accentuated by the absence of the young Azón, injured at home with a blow to the knee. Thus, the 0-0 scoreline did not surprise anyone. The script for the clash was for that from very early on. UD Las Palmas, more changed despite coming from promotion after being fourth last year, showed that they are also in the provisional phase. Slow trot of both teams during the first quarter of an hour, they played almost walking. Everything was looking for the site and not failing the pass. Boredom in a gigantic stadium where football loses fervor and silence wins. Not a single note to quote in those 15 minutes of nothing. And, from then on, with a first arrival by Marc Cardona that Cristian Álvarez stopped twice after a dangerous loss by Bermejo, the locals made use of it, spurred on by their people. One detail: the first half ended, after 49 minutes of play, without a shot on goal by Real Zaragoza. Symptoms from a long time ago that Carcedo and the forceful non-signings for the forward have not solved, of course. The canaries were not fine either. They were seen rare, thick, without speed. But the only two other chances that arose from persistence in the first half were his, both from veteran Jonathan Viera. In one, in minute 22, he hit the air in his shot at pleasure after an incursion by Álvaro Jiménez (with a jack, ex-Ibiza, not the ex-Zaragocista) and missed a goal that could be smelled. And in the 26th minute, after another ugly loss at the start, this time by Chavarría, Viera struck in position after Moleiro assisted and Cristian Álvarez took a good stretch for a corner. And nothing more. Scarce chicha to take to the mouth of the night owl, on this evening at 11:00 p.m. on the Peninsula. The central defenders, Francés and Jair, stood out, impassable by a Canarian team that insisted on entering through the center, relying heavily on Viera’s skills , Moleiro and the creator Loiodice. They were never able to surpass the two closures from Zaragoza. From midfield up, almost nothing to underline as relevant. Molina, the new one, too lost. Grau, clinging to tactics with abuse of back and side passes (safety, they now call it in slang). Vada, with claw but without tact. Puche, Carcedo’s great surprise, made a good penetration from the left but, as also happened to Gámez a couple of times, his cross with scoring chances was bad. And Narváez, the forced striker without Azón, was a shipwreck, without a supply of balls, working piecework for almost nothing. Of course, he forced two cards for the rivals in two individualities. The Colombian tried in vain. Bermejo, in the line known from the two previous years: sparkling, unfinished. At 00.08 the second part began. Something out of reason, illogical, unserious. With everything to be seen, therefore. A goal, for whoever scored it, could change everything for good. Carcedo did not move chips yet in the booth and waited to see what would happen with the altered biorhythms of the morning. It was already Sunday. In the first minutes of the resumption the scenario was repeated: Real Zaragoza equipped behind, leaving the ball to Las Palmas and with very little speed after the robbery to go on the counterattack. Nothing rehearsed in the summer. The desire to play in order was seen in Carcedo’s, there is a rigor to put into each action, but with that you do not win. It takes punch, depth and venom, much more venom. Thus, 0-0 is the highest aspiration in the absence of a stroke of fortune or a major mistake by the rival. In the 59th minute, Bermejo suffered a foul on the very edge of the area that could have been Zaragoza’s first shot on goal of the night . No such thing happened, because without Eugeni on the field (he scored in the Gerona friendly that way), it was the Madrid player himself who was in charge of kicking it. He didn’t lift the ball past his waist and hit it lightly into the wall. With Las Palmas a little hesitant, Gámez did finally have a sung goal, but Curbelo prevented his low cross shot from entering the net from a beaten Valles. Carcedo put Eugeni and Mollejo in this arreón, instead of the dull Bermejo and Puche. They were the best Aragonese moments, with Narváez testing the Canarian goalkeeper again in the 63rd minute, without success. The last 20 minutes were reached with the two coaches looking for the magic potion on the bench, through substitutions. Zaragoza was somewhat better in the second half, in general terms. But he suffered a death scare in minute 75, when Milla Alvendiz signaled a penalty for an alleged trip by Chavarría to Loiodice. With Viera ready to launch it, Vicandi Garrido warned him from the VAR that there was a pool and no contact. Luckily, because there the tie could have escaped. Until the end of the clash, the inaccuracies of the whole world prevailed. Only at the end, a casting of the effervescent Simeone, Narváez’s substitute up to the same post, which Valles took for a corner in the 89th minute, and Petrovic’s cross header at the exit of that corner kick by two inches, brought danger to the Canarian area. And, as a climax, the note of the savior Cristian Álvarez, who could not miss. Huge save in the 92nd minute to a shot from 30 meters by Curbelo that slipped close to the top corner. And at 00.59 the game ended. The 1 in the peninsular dawn. The Zaragoza league started without changes and everything looks too much like the previous time. Everything, because there is no skill against the goal on the part of anyone. And, obviously, because the cast is almost the same, with no decisive new faces.Technical sheetUD Las Palmas: Valles; Álex Suárez, Sidnei (Coco, 46), Curbelo, Sergi Cardona; Mfulu, Loiodice (Fabio, 77); Álvaro Jiménez (Clemente, 70), Moleiro (Benito, 70), Jonathan Viera; and Marc Cardona (Ale García, 86). Real Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Gamez, French, Jair, Chavarria; Grau, Molina (Petrovic, 86), Vada (Francho, 80); Bermejo (Eugeni, 64), Puche (Mollejo, 64); and Narváez (Simeone, 80) Referee: Milla Alvendiz (Andalusian Committee). He admonished Sidnei (7), Loiodice (43), Curbelo (45+2), Vada (61), Molina (67), Jonathan Viera (67), Coco (71) and Mollejo (76). Goals: None. Incidents: Pleasant night, with 24 degrees and a refreshing breeze after a day of sun and clouds. The lawn presented an acceptable appearance, with some areas of poorly consolidated grass. In the stands there were around 16,000 spectators. A minute of silence was observed for the members of Las Palmas who died last season and the memory of former Real Zaragoza president José Ángel Zalba Luengo was also cited. In the 20th minute the game was stopped with a standing ovation for Kirian, a local player who has cancer. Placeholder mam module Las Palmas-Real Zaragoza match



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