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Chronicle: Mirandés 1-1 Sporting – The Voice of Asturias


Clearly from less to more in the game, Sporting impregnated a more arrhythmic possession that made it possible, among other favorable contexts, to leave Juan Otero in clear 1vs1 situations. In one of them, starting inside from the left wing, the Colombian forced Ramón Juan to stretch to prevent the 1-2 atletico. And on a later occasion I was correct in the definition, but the VAR invalidated the goal of the South American winger. The action of the electronic device ended any possibility of uneven the final result of 1-1. Abelardo: Fran Villalba doesn’t want to be at Sporting and Dani Souto doesn’t count for me. Match LineupsMirands: Ramn Juan; Parra (Santos, 80′), Lex Martín, Michelis, Salinas; Meadows, Oriol King; Roberto López, Juanlu, Serrano (Castillo, 68′); Ral (Salifu, 87′).

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