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Fires: firefighters fear new outbreaks of fire in Gironde because of storms – Le Figaro


UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – The gales and lightning could restart the fire on Sunday, which had been stabilized, apprehend the firefighters. The firefighters continued this Saturday their fight against the fires in particular in Gironde, in the Landes and in Brittany, awaiting the arrival in the evening of storms and rains from the west, without yet knowing whether or not they will help extinguish the fires. Violent winds, hypothetical or excessive rains: these are the scenarios feared by firefighters. The long-awaited coolness and humidity could become counterproductive, with the risk of flooding, according to civil security and gales which “could restart the fire”, according to Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendousse, door – word of the Gironde firefighters. Thunderstorms: the prefect of Gironde says she fears fire starts After a scorching Saturday, the weather is finally deteriorating with the return of showers and thunderstorms, notes La Chaîne Météo in its daily press release. If these storms put an end to the heat wave period, they are not necessarily a good omen in Gironde, says the prefect of the department Fabienne Buccio. “The storms that are announced for the Gironde are dry storms, that is to say without rain and with lightning that will fall to the ground”, she warns during a situation update this Saturday, therefore fearing a possible new outbreak of fire. Already, the firefighters, the gendarmes, are on alert throughout the department: “All the barracks are on alert and everyone is ready to intervene to extinguish a potential nascent fire “, she explained, specifying that the storm is expected at 9 p.m. , the resumption of fire of “Landiras-2”, as the firefighters call it, is “in the pause phase”, announced the prefecture and the department’s firefighters on Saturday morning. Its progress is “now limited” after ravaging 7400 hectares of pines. According to Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendousse of the departmental fire and rescue service of Gironde, joined by AFP, “the situation has changed to favorable” and the fire “is in the pause phase”. “We remain very vigilant” because “if we no longer see large flames, the fire continues to consume the vegetation and the ground”, added the spokesperson for the Gironde firefighters. The meteorological service predicts thunderstorms, accompanied by gusts of wind up to 60 km / h on Saturday evening. Since Friday evening, 1,600 people have been able to return to their homes in Moustey and Saugnac-et-Muret, and on this Saturday classified “red” Bison Futé, the authorities have reopened the A63, which connects Bordeaux to Spain, closed since Wednesday for a portion of 20 km. “Landiras 2” had caused the evacuation of 8,275 people, including several hundred residents of Ehpad or medico-social structures, reports Sud Ouest. But “the fire is still active on the west side”, warned the prefect of Gironde Fabienne Buccio, recalling that a thousand firefighters were still mobilized, supported by a contingent of European colleagues (Germans, Romanians, Poles and Austrians) and four foreign firefighters. located in the town of Lagorce ravaged 320 hectares and was fixed on Friday. The forest and vegetation fire which broke out on August 5 in the Drôme was “still not fixed” on Saturday and the burned area now reaches 378 hectares. In Mostuéjouls (Aveyron), a new outbreak of fire was observed on the crest of Causse Sauveterre, the town announced on its social networks. “50 additional hectares have already burned and 100 hectares are threatened,” said the firefighters in a press release published at 5 p.m. The first outbreak of fire had already burned more than 760 hectares. Firefighters from Europe and Polynesia in support On the ground, a thousand firefighters are still mobilized, including many reinforcements from several European countries. 77 Austrian firefighters arrived on Friday evening and are expected to join the German and Romanian firefighters already deployed on the mission. The last group, 146 Polish firefighters, arrived in the afternoon, bringing the European aid contingent to 361 firefighters. To these reinforcements are added 2 Italian Canadair planes and 2 other Greeks which began their mission on Friday. its 77 firefighters – uniforms with red suspenders, caps and flocked “pompierii” trucks – were “ready to go into the field”, soon joined by 21 Polynesian fire soldiers. “They arrive from the other side of the world to come and support their comrades who are fighting the flames in Gironde: thank you to our firefighters in Polynesia for their solidarity. Mauruuru!” (thank you in Tahitian), tweeted President Emmanuel Macron in the afternoon. SEE ALSO – Fires in Gironde: “The fire is maintained”, assures the prefect A record year in terms of hectares burned In France, three times more hectares have burned than the annual average for the past ten years, and the year has been a record in the European Union since records began in 2006. Even the Jura, with its normally more moderate climate, was hit by two fires. In Brittany, a fire on Friday destroyed nearly 300 hectares in the Brocéliande forest west of Rennes. At the end of the afternoon, he was “contained two-thirds” according to the prefect of Morbihan, Pascal Bolot. In Ardèche, the fire, which ravaged at least 320 hectares, has been “fixed”, announced Friday afternoon the department prefecture, adding that 150 to 200 firefighters remained mobilized. Faced with this “exceptional” situation, several large French companies – Carrefour, Orange, EDF, Axa, Auchan or even GRDF have taken measures to facilitate the release of their volunteer firefighters, responding to the call of the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin. Friday evening, the minister also asked the prefects to “be particularly vigilant” or even to cancel the traditional fireworks of August 15 because of “increased risk of fires”. from Saturday evening, will be insufficient to remedy the historic drought that the country is going through, warned Météo-France, after a month of July where less than a centimeter of rain fell on average. The storms “will fall on very dry soil, with fairly significant risks of runoff” which do not allow water to be absorbed and increase the risk of flooding “and the risk of hailstones”, warned Claire Chanal, forecaster, during a press briefing on Friday evening. Over a large part of France, it is forbidden to water and 73 prefects have even banned the taking of water to farmers in all or part of their departments.*The Weather Channel belongs to the Figaro group.SEE ALSO – Fire in Gironde: a tornado of fire passes right next to the firefighters

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