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PSG, Real Madrid: Mbappé bows to Benzema for the Ballon d’Or and talks about the battle at… – Goal! soccer club


Zapping Goal! Football Club PSG – GOAL INFO! : Appointment for “SMS” His definition of “balloonable” “A Ballon d’Or must be the prototype of the perfect player. The one that a maximum of kids want to identify with because he is strong everywhere. Or almost. For a year, he will represent footballers around the world. This reference must therefore be irreproachable, without a weak point”. His favorite for 2022 “I would say Benzema, me and Mané. I see Karim. He is 34 years old, has just had the season of his life, wins a new Champions League by often being decisive… In place of Karim, if I don’t win there, I stop thinking about the Ballon d’Or forever. ‘Or (He laughs.) “On the mano-à-mano CR7 – Messi which punctuated his youth” As for all those of my generation, the Ballon d’Or is necessarily associated with the battle between Leo (Messi) and Cristiano (Ronaldo). By digging really deep in my memory, I remember a little bit also Ronaldinho (winner in 2005). But, frankly, it’s all crushed by the two gluttons who split the prize for so long. Every year, like everyone else, I wondered which of the two was going to get it. When you think about it, this mano a mano was pretty crazy. On ceremonial days, it was fun to watch them when they were next to each other. And to try to guess, from their faces, which of the two looked more angry or angry because he knew he had not won”.On the importance of being nominated“My first nomination in 2017 ? I received my certificate of great player. It was official. You fall into a first category: those who have one day been part of the thirty best players in the world. It’s starting to get serious. You belong to an elite, to a caste. There are those who are part of it and the others. And I was one of them when I was 18. I consider that my 18-21 years allowed me to stabilize in the Top 10. I was not a sufficiently “impactful” player. For two years, however, I think that I have taken a step forward, I have a more assertive status on the pitch, I am doing better in cleaver matches. In short, I am a more credible, more serious candidate. Before, I was a curiosity, and my place in the Top 10 was a reward. Now I definitely want more. It’s a long process. I believe that now I am one of the four or five names that come up regularly”. A bonus in his contract with PSG in the event of the Ballon d’Or? “Of course, as for all the players whose club thinks he has a chance to get one. We add a carrot. But, frankly, if one day I won the Ballon d’Or, my bonus, that would be the last thing on my mind. “Mbappé talks about the Ballon d’Or and delivers his favoriteIn the columns of France Football this Saturday, Kylian Mbappé – who is among the 30 nominated for the Ballon d’Or – returned to the importance of this trophy for him. The PSG star, who has never finished on the podium in four nominations, does not see himself winning in 2022 but well placed despite everything.

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