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LIVE – Fires: Borne and Darmanin will be in Gironde on Thursday, where 10,000 people have been evacuated, other fires are raging in France – RMC


7:43 “Leaving a home without being able to take your pets is a great trauma” In the Landes, homes were evacuated yesterday. The situation is extremely difficult to live with “for the entire population, whether elderly or younger,” explains the mayor of Moustey in the Landes. “7:35 The wind being favorable, the fire moved away from the Landes” I myself was on the front of the fire yesterday, I had the flames two or three meters from the car, whereas this morning much less “, explained on RMC this morning Vincent Ichard, mayor of Moustey in the Landes. The reason ? The wind. Some houses were in danger in the village, but they were saved. “Fortunately there were fire engines in front, otherwise we would have had to deplore the destruction in the town.” Several residents were evacuated yesterday. “We did it a bit without really believing in it. The decision that was made was excellent, it was a bit imposed on us but with hindsight it was the right decision.”7:23 Jean-Luc Gleyze, president from the Gironde department: “the fire has been more stable this last night” In total, 1,105 firefighters and other professionals are deployed on the fire which is raging in Gironde. “We have 12 columns which are extra-departmental”, underlines Jean-Luc Gleyze, president of the Gironde department on RMC. On the night of August 10 to 11, 2022, “the fire was more stable”, according to him. According to the latest report, 17 houses were swept away by the flames. On the causes and responsibilities of this new fire, Jean-Luc Gleyze wants to be very “cautious”. of 110 Ha burnedSeveral fires ravaged Wednesday nearly 110 hectares of vegetation in the Jura, placed at the level “crisis” drought since August 1, about thirty inhabitants of a hamlet to be evacuated, announced the prefecture in a press release. In the sector of the municipality of Vescles, 70 hectares of brush and forests had already gone up in smoke in the middle of the afternoon. The fire “continues its course towards the North, spreading an impressive smoke on the valley”, indicated the prefecture in a press release. “A hundred hectares are threatened” but “the fire is located in an inaccessible area and does not threaten no residential area”, she added, specifying that two departmental roads have been “cut in order to facilitate the intervention of the firefighters” and that “electricity cuts could also occur in the sector “.10/08 at 20:14In Maine-et-Loire, the main fire contained but not yet under controlStarted Monday, the main fire in Maine-et-Loire, in Baugé-en-Anjou, was still not under control early Wednesday evening, said the department’s Codis. The Minister for Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, visited the emergency services in Baugé on Wednesday afternoon. is more than 40,000 hectares that have burned and it is only August 10. This figure is already more than two fo is higher than a normal whole year”, declared the minister in particular. specified the Codis. The lack of progress is due to the action on Wednesday of land and air resources, in particular Dash which sprayed the sector until the beginning of the afternoon. 08/10 at 19:34 Fire in Lozère and Aveyron: a man indicted for “involuntary destruction” and placed under judicial supervision, the Mende prosecutor’s office told AFP on Wednesday. This man “reported to the gendarmerie on Wednesday morning, was heard and then presented to an investigating judge, who indicted him for “involuntary destruction by fire of wood, forest or moorland which can create irreversible damage to the environment by violation of an obligation of safety or prudence”, declared to AFP the deputy prosecutor of Mende, Magali Espaze. According to firefighters, the fire was started on Monday by an agricultural machine, one element of which, e n scraping the tar from the road, caused sparks which set fire to the vegetation along a departmental road in Lozère, near Massegros, before spreading to the neighboring department of Aveyron. The deputy prosecutor did not wish to specify the identity or the profession of the man indicted, while stressing that there is “only one respondent” in this case, for which it has opened an investigation , the fire having started in her department.10/08 at 19:13Elisabeth Borne will go to Gironde tomorrow On Twitter, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announces that she will go to Gironde this Thursday. She will be accompanied by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. that the fire is “still progressing”. The latest report shows 6,200 hectares burned, while the fire caused the evacuation of 10,000 inhabitants on site. The delegate prefect specifies that several firefighters are injured, including one seriously .Nearly 1,000 firefighters fought the flames on the spot, supported by 5 Canadairs as well as Dash planes and water bomber helicopters. fire, the authorities decided to evacuate the town of Beliet (around 2,500 people). In all, 8,000 people were evacuated after the resumption of fire in Gironde, assured the prefecture of the department in a press release. “Reception centers are open in the municipalities of Salles, Saint Symphorien and Barp. None injured is to be deplored”, specifies the prefecture. The A63 motorway is closed between the A660 junction (Arcachon – 33) and exit 9 (Saint-Geours-de-Maremne – 40). The prefecture recommends bypassing the A65 and reports that many other roads are closed.08/10 at 17:14Sweden and Italy will send air reinforcementsSweden and Italy will send air reinforcements to France to fight against fires: “We are asking for European help and we already have positive responses from Sweden and Italy”, assured Gérald Darmanin during a press briefing in Aveyron where fires are hitting the department. 10/ 08 at 17:03Gérald Darmanin calls on employers to release their volunteer firefighter employeesEmployers are invited to release volunteer firefighter employees: “I appeal to public companies and employers to allow their employees who are firefighters volunteers to reach their barracks as quickly as possible”, called this Wednesday Gérald Darmanin. “Our country needs them in the face of exceptionally serious fires”, added the Minister of the Interior, visiting Mostuej ous in Aveyron, affected by fires. 08/10 at 16:52 Gironde: the view of the fire from Belin-BélietThe images of our special correspondent in Belin-Beliet, while neighborhoods continue to be evacuated.Fire in Gironde : the view of the fire from Belin-Beliet © Juliette Chaignon RMCFire in Gironde: the view of the fire from Belin-Beliet © Juliette Chaignon RMC10/08 at 16:34Ardèche: fires threaten homes, 100 firefighters mobilizedA fire threatens homes in Crestet and in Empurany in Ardèche where 100 firefighters are mobilized to fight fires. The authorities have already evacuated a campsite and have decided to close the Mastrou, a historic steam train that crisscrosses the Doux gorges, until August 15 .10/08 at 16:11 “Great suspicions” that the resumption of fire is “the act of arsonists”, assures Darmanin “There are great suspicions that the resumption of fire in Landiras in Gironde is “the fact of arsonists”, assured the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darm anin, visiting Aveyron, also in the throes of flames. 08/10 at 15:141000 firefighters mobilized in GirondeThousand firefighters are mobilized in Gironde to fight fires. “I have decided to reinforce the means mobilized”, assured the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, adding that 9 planes and 2 water bomber helicopters were engaged. President of the Republic, on vacation at Fort Brégançon, follows the evolution of the fires live. Emmanuel Macron receives a report on the situation every two hours.”The President of the Republic is following the situation very closely. He continues to be in very close contact with the Prime Minister, he is also in very regular contact with the Minister of the Interior”, assured the Elysée to BFMTV. 10/08 at 2:1850,000 hectares burned in France in July, a recordWith already more than 50,000 hectares burned since the beginning of the year, France has experienced a record number of burned areas in July, according to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), which has kept comparable statistics since 2006.10/08 at 14:17The driest month of July since 1961The month of July 2022 was the second driest month ever recorded in France, after March 1961, with a rainfall deficit of around 84% compared to normal for the period 1991-2020. Summer 2022 is a record number of days heat waves, and should reach 34 days, against 23 days in the summer of 1983 or 22 days in the summer of 2003. But this is not a record for severity, commented Jean-Michel Soubeyroux, climatologist at Météo-France, during the press briefing. heat waves have been recorded in France. But “over the last 35 years, they have been three times more numerous than over the previous 35 years”, according to Météo-France, a sign of climate change. from the Hérault arrived Wednesday at the beginning of the afternoon in Gironde in reinforcement of the firefighters already mobilized on the spot against the fire, noted the special envoy of RMC on the spot. burned in Maine-et-Loire The fire, which has ravaged the forest of Maine-et-Loire since Monday, has burned more than 1,200 hectares, requiring the presence of nearly 400 firefighters, the codis of the department said on Wednesday morning. The fire, located in an area between Angers and Le Mans (Sarthe), “has taken on a significant scale, we are at 1,240 hectares of burns. We are still not masters of the fire”, declared to AFP the codis of the department, while it will be “very hot” during the day and a “strengthening of the wind” is feared. A p ompier fights fire in the forest of Pugles, (Maine-et-Loire) on August 9, 2022 © GUILLAUME SOUVANT © 2019 AFP10/08 at 2:07 p.m. , in a place already heavily affected in July. The fire has already destroyed 6,000 hectares of vegetation, 16 houses and prompted the evacuation of 6,000 people. Fire in Gironde, August 9, 2022 © SDIS 33


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