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After a confirmed case, New York State fears “hundreds” of polio cases – BFMTV


Wastewater analyzes were carried out in this American state after the confirmation of a case of polio. They revealed traces of the virus causing this disease, which would mean that it circulates in the population. The health authorities of the State of New York had announced on July 21 a case of poliomyelitis in the County of Rockland. The man suffers from paralysis, one of the possible, but rare, consequences of this disease. Analyzes have since been carried out in the wastewater of the State where “the virus was detected in wastewater samples from June and July”, in the counties of Rockland, but also of Orange, is it “New Yorkers should know that for every observed paralytic polio case, there may be hundreds more infected,” said state health commissioner Mary T. Bassett. , who explains that this identified case would be only the tip of the iceberg. “What we know is clear: the danger of poliomyelitis is present in New York today”, she declares. were conducted in sewage to estimate the presence of poliovirus, and as of August 5, the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), had confirmed the presence of 11 positive samples dating back to June and July, linked to the infected individual identified: six in Rockland County, five in Orange County. results show that the virus circulates in the population but apart from the case of paralysis quoted above, no other infected individual has been identified for the moment. “Hundreds, even thousands of potential cases” Poliomyelitis is caused by the virus called poliovirus, and “most people infected with it (about 72%) have no visible symptoms,” writes the CDC. More serious symptoms appear in more rare cases – less than 1% – such as paralysis, but also paresthesia (feeling tingling, tingling, etc.) or meningitis. In this sense, “there is no ‘only one case of polio if you see a paralytic case,’ Patricia Schnabel Ruppert Rockland County Health Commissioner tells the BBC. “Most cases are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, and these symptoms are often missed,” she explains, “so there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cases that have occurred for us to see a paralytic case “Paralysis is the most severe manifestation of this disease and leads to death for 2 to 10% of people affected by this symptom, “because the virus affects the muscles allowing breathing”, explains the CDC. The transmission of this The disease “is exclusively human-to-human and is essentially carried out by the faecal-oral route, in particular through contaminated water, aerosols or food contaminated by the stool”, explains the Institut Pasteur. paralyzed patient? It is possible to transmit the virus without having symptoms and “infected people can transmit the infection as long as the virus persists in the throat (one week) and in the feces (3 to 6 weeks or even longer)” , highlighted the Pasteur Institute. The identified patient was infected with a type 2 Sabin poliomyelitis virus, explain the health authorities of New York. The results indicate that the man was infected by an individual who received the oral polio vaccine (OPV) “which is no longer licensed or administered in the United States”, where only the injectable polio vaccine (IPV) is used. . The identified strain cannot indeed come from an inactivated vaccine, like the one used across the Atlantic, assures the New York State Department of Health. The patient having traveled to Europe before feeling the first symptoms, as ABC writes, that’s where he could have gotten polio. in the environment of live strains of poliovirus, certainly attenuated but which can establish chains of transmission in contexts where vaccination coverage is low after their excretion by vaccinated people”, writes the Institut Pasteur. “All children and adults unvaccinated should immediately receive a first vaccination” However, if polio vaccination approaches 80% in New York State, it reaches only 58.68% in Orange County, and 60.34% in Rockland. The authorities are therefore calling on the unvaccinated population to receive doses to be protected from possible contamination. “It is worrying that polio, a disease which has been largely eradicated thanks to vaccination, is now circulating in our community, given the low vaccination rates for this disease” in some jurisdictions, said Orange County Health Commissioner Irina Gelman. “I urge all unvaccinated residents of Orange County to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” she adds. Schnabel Ruppert. According to the latest CDC data, 92.6% of the American population is vaccinated against polio, and therefore must be protected against transmission, which limits fears of a large epidemic, and n “Two doses of polio vaccines are 90% effective against poliomyelitis, while three doses are more than 99% effective against prevent the disease”, writes the ECDC (European Center for the Prevention of Diseases). In France, this vaccination is one of the 11 compulsory vaccines, and “the last case of autochthonous poliomyelitis dates back to 1989” while “the last case imported from 1995, both concerning adults”, assures the High Authority of Health, but vigilance remains constant on this subject. At the end of June, traces of a form of polio had indeed been found in London’s wastewater. Salomé Vincendon Journalist BFMTV


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