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The Canadians introduced their own hyperloop. With a maximum speed of up to 1,200 km/h! – The truth


You can travel faster than a jet plane, and for half the price. That’s exactly what the Canadian company TransPod promises. A few days ago, she presented another vacuum train in the style of a hyperloop, her project is called FluxJet. Photo: TransPod FluxJet should connect Calgary and Edmonton. During the presentation of its FluxJet, TransPod announced that it has already begun preliminary construction of a pipeline that will “catapult” you from Calgary to Edmonton in 45 minutes. It would take you about three hours by car in light traffic. The FluxJet is actually another advanced system along the lines of a maglev, or magnetic levitation train. Thanks to technological innovations in contactless energy transfer and a new drive based on technology called “veillance” by the company, the capsule can move at a speed of up to 1,200 km/h in a closed tube, which de facto surpasses even jet aircraft. The company revealed little about its “disruptive innovations”, saying the “veillance” technology is related to a visual positioning system that scans the tube ahead and optimizes the position of the module inside it based on the data obtained. Each 25-meter-long capsule is designed to hold up to 54 passengers, or part of the space can be reserved for cargo, and will have four magnetic “levitation motors” on suspension arms. Photo: TransPod TransPod FluxJet The FluxJet cabin is intended for up to 56 passengers. TransPod also reported that it received $550 million from investors in the US for its project. The estimated cost is about 18 billion dollars. After the completion of the line between Calgary and Edmonton, the trip will be shortened to about 45 minutes from the already mentioned three hours by car, while the ticket should cost about 75 dollars, which is about half the price of the ticket. Its operation should help reduce CO2 emissions on this route by 636,000 tons per year. Read more The Chinese launched a ‘flying’ train There have already been several attempts to create a magnetic levitation high-speed railway (Hyperloop, Hyperloop TT, Hyperloop One, ET3, HyperPort), but none have been completed. There are several reasons. Above all, building a system consisting of hundreds of kilometers of vacuum tubes is extremely financially and technologically demanding, as is operating an air extraction system. Even the slightest crack, seismic activity or terrorist act would cause their destruction. A big technical challenge is also keeping the capsules in a perfectly straight direction, because even a millimeter deviation at speeds over 1000 km/h could cause a disaster. We will see how the TransPod company can cope with them and whether Canada, which has not yet implemented a single project of a classic high-speed train, will really be willing to participate in the construction of this experimental system.


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