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Olivia Newton-John (†73) was not afraid of DEATH: She had an agreement with God! –


Olivia Newton-John did one of her last interviews about a year ago and it was on the A Life of Greatness podcast. In it, among other things, she spoke about her faith and also admitted that she used to pray. “I think that prayer has great power,” the famous blonde said, among other things. “I remember when I was pregnant with Chloe and we were in danger of losing her, I begged God to save her. And that when he does, I will pray every night for the rest of my life,” admitted Olivia, who, according to her own words, kept this promise. Photo gallery (2) Olivia Newton-John with her daughter Chloe
Source: Instagram The presenter also wondered if the blonde ever thought about her death. “Sometimes I thought about it, that it might be sooner than I would like,” she said. “We all know we will die someday. But we spend our lives in denial. It’s extremely personal and hard for me to put into words. But I feel that we are all part of something big,” added the actress, who therefore believes in the afterlife. “I believe that the souls of those we love will be there. I think there will be love everywhere. I’m looking forward to it a bit. Not now, but later, when it happens…” she concluded with a typical smile. Olivia Newton-John gave birth to her only daughter when she was 38 years old. Her father was Matt Lattanci, who left the actress after 11 years. However, her next relationship did not end well either. A cameraman named Patrick McDermott, with whom they had been a couple for 9 years, disappeared under mysterious circumstances when he went out to sea in a fishing boat and never returned. It’s no secret that Olivia’s daughter had a problem with anorexia, drugs and alcohol. According to her, she always wanted to match her beautiful and successful mother. In 2008, Olivia married film producer John Easterling, who stood by her side until the last moment…


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