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Turn of events!: The Eren brothers stay in Istanbul – Antena 3


Orhan has finally woken up after the blow he suffered from Berk and that almost cost him his life. But when he wakes up he has learned the worst news: his nephews are leaving Istanbul. After the strong argument they had with Sengül in which the woman kicked her nephews out of the henhouse, the Eren brothers believe that it is time to start a new life away from everything and everyone, but Orhan does not think the same. The Eren’s uncle, without thinking twice and still wearing his hospital pajamas, goes to look for his nephews. He’s not going to let them leave town. Accompanied by his son, they chase the bus they are on until the driver stops and his nephews join him. Next chapters of Brothers After an emotional hug between the two, Orhan asks his nephews to stay with them and return home: “Before I let you go, you will have to step over my corpse.”


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