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Gironde: 400 hectares burned between Saint-Magne and Hostens, 3,500 people evacuated


By Editorial staff Le Républicain Langon Published on August 9, 22 at 2:57 p.m. updated on August 9, 22 at 10:20 p.m. Le Républicain Sud-Gironde See my news Follow this media The fires continue around Landiras, Hostens and Saint-Magne ( Gironde). (© Le Républicain) Two fires broke out this Tuesday, August 9, 2022 around 12:50 p.m. in the town of Saint-Magne (Gironde) north of the large lake of Bernadas d’Hostens and at Troupins, near Landiras. The Republican journalists are on site. Follow our live. 10:15 p.m .: End of the live See the tweet This is the end of this live. Thank you for having followed us. During the day of Wednesday August 10, the Republican Sud-Gironde team will not fail to inform you about the evolution of the fire of Saint-Magne22h: Update on the situation The fire of Saint-Magne has already ravaged 400 hectares. The conditions are very unfavorable. (©SDIS 33 communication service)10 forest fires treated today, with areas ranging from a few thousand m2 to several hectares, located throughout the department. According to the firefighters, the fire which started in Cabanac around 3 p.m. progress more. 20 hectares of forest destroyed, 80 firefighters, Canadair, Dash and helicopter deployed. In the South, the Saint-Magne and Hostens fire has destroyed 400 hectares so far. 300 firefighters, Canadairs, Dash and water bomber helicopter were on site all afternoon. Tactical fires were used. A truck and three light vehicles were destroyed, but no injuries are to be deplored. Situation which remains very unfavorable at nightfall, “we maintain all the means available on the ground for the whole night. Many defenses of sensitive points to come, “says Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendousse of the Gironde firefighters. According to the prefecture, a total of 3,500 people have been evacuated today. 9:30 p.m.: The town of Saint -Magne and Hostens evacuated The gendarmerie informs that an evacuation is in progress of the inhabitants of the village and the south of the commune of Saint-Magne. Also, the entire town of Hostens must be evacuated. 9:05 p.m.: New evacuation in Hostens of neighborhoods of Bruyères, Les Gravats, Galipe, Haut du Lac, Haudoua and Joué which must be evacuated. A reception is organized in the village hall of Hostens. district of Joué in Belin-Béliet. The village hall of the town awaits those who have no fallback solutions. Click here to view the contents 8:45 pm: A new sector of Hostens evacuatedThe Canet and Retis sector in Hostens has been evacuated. Click here to view the content 7:49 pm: The gendarmerie asks to avoid closed roadsFor security reasons, the gendarmerie of the Langon-Toulenne company asks motorists to avoid closed roads during fires. For information, firefighters will continue throughout the night in the Landira area. 7:45 p.m.: “We were asked to evacuate a little after 6 p.m. to evacuate shortly after 6 p.m. My parents didn’t want to leave because they have 4 dogs. Me, I preferred to take the lead so as not to be evacuated in the middle of the night. I’m going to sleep with friends who live in the village of the commune. »6:54 p.m.: State of play on the fires According to our information, the forecast figures announce 300 hectares of forest burned in Saint-Magne and 20 hectares in Cabanac.6:40 p.m.: Update of closed roads From the village hall of Hostens , the landscape is smoky. (©Le Républicain)Due to the fires, 4 roads had to be closed: RD 110 closed between Hostens and Louchats; RD 5 closed between Saint Magne and the D5/D651 intersection; RD 651 closed between Hostens and Route de Hazera intersection; RD 6 closed between Lacanau Bourg and Sainte Hélène. 6:37 p.m.: The firefighters intervene. In pictures: 5:52 p.m.: “The current conditions are much more complicated than in July” According to Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendousse, 400 firefighters are engaged on the Landiras fire. Priority is to stop the spread of this new fire in the municipalities of Saint-Magne and Hostens. We consider this fire as the continuity of the fire of Landiras. For the moment, we cannot say whether it is a resumption or a new start.Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud MendousseCodis 3317:34: a large mobilization of firefighters neighborhoods in HostensThe Gravasses, Hauts du Lac, Galipes and Bruyères neighborhoods must be evacuated as a matter of urgency. Click here to view the content 5:17 pm: The situation is unfavorable because of the windsAccording to the firefighters, the situation is very worrying because, in addition to the fact of not having air reinforcements, the winds are numerous. 5:06 p.m.: 70 hectares burned in Troupins and St-Magne At 5:06 p.m., 20 hectares have already burned in Troupins, near Landiras, and 50 hectares in Saint-Magne. “, according to information from the CODIS of the Gironde. The situation is very very very tense. An important outbreak of fire takes place in Sainte-Hélène in the Médoc at the same time, all our air resources are engaged there, we only have ground resources. CODIS 3316h52: The command post set up at the school de LandirasThe fire command post has just been set up at the Landiras school. The sub-prefect of Libourne, acting as the sub-prefect of Langon, is on site. 4:39 p.m .: The smoke arrives in Landiras The smoke is visible from the town of Landiras. For the moment, we do not know if it is a resumption of fires or a departure. The smoke arrives in the town of Landiras. (©Le Républicain)4:18 p.m.: D3 closedThe D3 is closed to traffic, except for the inhabitants of Hostens, from the church to the Hostens departmental domain.3:40 p.m.: D5 and RD651 closed At the interception of the D651, the D5 road towards Saint-Magne is closed. (©Julien Bergognat/ Le Républicain Sud-Gironde) Departmental road 5 towards Saint-Magne at the interception of the D651 is blocked. Also, in Landiras, departmental road 116 is closed from the RD115 crossing towards Cabanac. Click here to view the contents 3:15 p.m.: Two fires in progressA second fire is underway between Guillos, Landiras and Cabanac-et-Villagrains.2:45 p.m.: Several neighborhoods evacuated Frayot and Les Arroudeys must be evacuated urgently. Fifty people have already been evacuated. Click here to view the contents According to the firefighters, large resources are deployed, water bomber helicopter, Dash and canadair. Was this article helpful to you? Note that you can follow Le Républicain Sud-Gironde in the My News space. In one click, after registration, you will find all the news of your favorite cities and brands.


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