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Mercedes Milá’s state of health worsens: she must urgently go through the operating room – Gipuzkoa News


Mercedes Milá’s vacations have become a real nightmare. Just a few days ago, the Catalan suffered a significant fall while she was doing a route with her bicycle for which she had to be taken to the hospital. While at first the news was good because the doctors spoke of a clean fracture, the diagnosis has changed: she will have to undergo surgery and urgently. Mercedes Milá in one of her Instagram stories. Instagram (@mercedesmila) Days before, the television host had shared with her followers through Instagram how the accident had happened: “I fell because a horsefly bit me and to defend myself, I dropped my right hand and went straight into a bramble . I noticed when I fell that my shoulder was broken. He had a hard time getting me out and they took me to the hospital, they did an X-ray and the humerus was broken, but there was no displacement so there was no need to operate…”, she explained. “My doctor has done a CT scan. I have not given credit to the result. In the hospital in France, near where I fell, they assured me that I had a clean break that did not require surgery and now it turns out that I destroyed the head of the humerus and it is urgent that I go through the operating room, ”commented the former presenter of ‘Big Brother ‘.


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