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Complete apocalypse! South Korea was hit by the heaviest rainfall in the past 80 years, Seoul is under water –


Parts of Seoul, the western port city of Incheon and other areas of Gyeonggi Province received more than 100 millimeters of rain per hour on Monday night. Seoul’s Tongjak district saw up to 141.5 mm of rain per hour at one point, the heaviest torrential rain in South Korea since 1942. Five people were killed and four others are missing in this week’s natural disaster in Seoul, the South Korean government said. At least nine people were injured. She added that three people had lost their lives in Kyeonggi province and a search had begun for two people. At least nine people were injured there. Four people died after being trapped in flooded buildings, and one person was possibly electrocuted. Another person was found under the rubble of the bus stop and two people lost their lives in the landslide, writes Jonhap. Photo gallery (13) Source: SITA/AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon Local authorities issue landslide warnings The South Korean Meteorological Institute said at least another 300 millimeters of rain is expected to fall in the capital on Tuesday. Local authorities issued landslide warnings in 47 South Korean cities on Tuesday morning. In Kyeonggi province, some roads and railways are impassable due to heavy rains. Photo gallery (13) Source: SITA/AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon Apocalypse done! South Korea was hit by the heaviest rainfall in the past 80 years, Seoul is under water


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