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Quinté PMU – Prediction of the JOURNAL LE VEINARD PRIZE (PRIZE OF THE CITY OF TOURGEVILLE) August 8, 2022 – Canal Turf


The forecast Quinté+ over hurdles on Monday at Clairefontaine-Deauville with the Prix de la Ville de Tourgeville, a reference handicap of +9, over 3,600 meters, for all 4-year-old colts and fillies who have raced since January 1 of the last year included. Regular, ROCK AND ROLL (our photo) should still play a leading role. 12 ROCK AND ROLL: Winner of a handicap over the hurdles of Auteuil on June 18, he then ranked third on July 4, on the course of 3400 meters of the hurdles of Clairefontaine-Deauville, at the end of a good finish. Here, the additional 200 meters will benefit this resident of Mickaël Seror. It’s a first chance. 16 PLANETARIUM: Third and fourth during his last two outings, on the 3600 and 3400 meter courses of the Clairefontaine-Deauville hurdles, this very good finisher deserves a lot of credit, even if he has to run with 3 pounds more than his value (53.5) of the moment. 7 LADY EBOSHI: Second on July 4, behind Orange Diamond but ahead of Rock And Roll and Planetarium, she did not repeat during her next outing, still at the same racecourse. That said, it still constitutes a good possibility in this Quinté+, in theory. 14 UNBEATABLE DU SEUIL: For his fourth public outing and for his comeback, this other resident of Mickaël Seror took a good third place on June 18 at Auteuil in a handicap of this level. Still very perfectible, it would not be surprising to see him shine in this handicap on the brooms of Clairefontaine-Deauville. 4 ORANGE DIAMOND: Winner of a handicap over the hurdles of Vichy on May 29, he did it again on July 4 over the hurdles of Clairefontaine-Deauville in a handicap of this kind. Raised by 7 pounds on the scale of values, its room for maneuver is reduced. However, it remains competitive, at least for a place. 15 BEAUTIFUL HORSE: After two fifth places in the spring in handicaps over the hurdles of Auteuil and Compiègne, it narrowly failed for victory on June 29 over the hurdles of Dieppe, in a race under Class 3 conditions. It should enjoy yourself on this Clairefontaine-Deauville track. He’s a good underdog. 5 ISKANDARA: Third on June 29 in a steeplechase at Dieppe, this resident of H&G. Lageneste & Macaire had previously run quite a bit over the Bordeaux-Le Bouscat and Auteuil hurdles. In 58.5 of value, it certainly has the size to play a good role in this handicap. 3 DROP THE PILOT: Good sixth in a Listed race over Auteuil hurdles on June 28, its quality is beyond doubt. Taken high in value (59.5) in this handicap, it should still be wary. In case of non-runner: 10 ILESTBO DE HOUELLEPMU customers – Play on this raceNicolas Labourasse’s selectionBASE12ROCK AND ROLL16PLANETARIUMCHANCES REGULIERES7DAME EBOSHI14IMBATABLE DU SEUIL4ORANGE DIAMONDOUTSIDERS15BEAUTIFUL HORSE5ISKANDARA3DROP THE PILOTSummary of the prediction: Favorite
12 – ROCK AND ROLLCoup de coeur
4 – ORANGE DIAMONDCrush of madness
3 – DROP THE PILOTThe ZEturf.frISKANDARA prognosis on his class! We therefore end this meeting in Clairefontaine with the Ze5-event, disputed in a handicap for four years. Talented and with superb lines, Iskandara will have our favour, hoping that her class takes precedence over her not necessarily proven aptitude for this kind of runny track. Well placed for its first handicap, it’s a fun bet to take.
The game is certainly not won in advance, with the presence of Ilestbo de Houelle, who has just revealed himself on the Vichy track, easily dominating the situation that day. Finally, this victory confirmed the good impression that the colt had left during his previous outing at Auteuil. For his first handicap, he could lack experience but it could be enough to play for the podium. Even less experienced but just as promising, Imbattable du Seuil is one of the horses of the future of the lot and can clearly take an active part at the finish like Planetarium, well placed at the bottom of the table and a good finisher, Paint Prince, capable of creating the surprise judged on her start to the year, Rock and Roll, who cannot be blamed for anything and Matera, who will be loaded, perhaps too much, but she does everything that is asked of her and has a job. Finally, we will finish with Orange Diamond, which is having a good season, having just won at this track, in a field that is a little less strong. Penalized, its margin is now limited but on its way, a small check is still possible.The selection ZEturf.frN°ChevalJockey5ISKANDARADUBOURG K.10ILESTBO DE HOUELLEGALLON D.14IMBATABLE DU SEUILCHEVILLARD T.16PLANETARIUMRIOU C.8PAINT PRINCEBEAURAIN T.12ROCK AND ROLLUBEDA D. 1MATERAZULIANI A.4ORANGE DIAMONDMESCAM D.The selection of the pressEvery day, Canalturf invites you to consult for the Quinté+ race, the list of the 10 horses selected by the main newspapers of the horse racing press (Paris Turf, Tiercé Magazine, Bilto, France Turf, Last Turf, Le Progrès de Lyon, Ouest France, Paris races, Le Parisien, France Soir, Turf, Le Favori, Turf Matin, Ocean Press). 5ISKANDARADUBOURG K.12ROCK AND ROLLUBEDA D.16PLANETARIUMRIOU C.4ORANGE DIAMONDMESCAM D.10ILESTBO DE HOUELLEGALLON D.6I CAN PATHREVELEY J.2JAVADOMEUNIER GAB.


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