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Clermont vs PSG: Summary, result and goals of the Ligue 1 match – Marca México


Final result: Clermont 0-5 PSG | Ligue 1 2022-2023, matchday 1Min. 90 | Messi looks for the third in the account but again the goalkeeper makes a great save and saves the mark from him. The final whistle arrives and the PSG.Min win ends. 87 | What a golaaaaazooooooooo. Messi receives in the area, throws a Chilean and puts the fifth of PSG with a real jewel of annotation against Clermont.Min. 84 | Bernat receives on the wing and looks for a service from below for Neymar but in the end he crosses the defense and removes the danger in the Clermont area.Min. 82 | Goooooooooooooal from Messi. Neymar leaves a chocolate served to the Argentine and he only pushes it with the inside of the button to seal the PSG win.Min. 78 | PSG moves the bench again and sends two changes in these final minutes. Ekitike and Bernat enter the field to replace Nuno Mendes and Pablo Sarabia. Min 77 | Hakimi makes a great play on the wing and ends up escaping and putting a cross to the second post, where Nuno arrives at the shot and again the goalkeeper saves Clermont.Min. 74 | We continue with the desire to see a good arrival from Leo Messi but he is still very imprecise in front of the rea and already shows tiredness, walking on the field.Min. 71 | Clermont begins to put a little more effort in attack but without being able to open up the Paris defense and we still have no danger in the Italian goalkeeper’s goal. Min. 68 | Sergio Ramos and Vitinha leave the field to give entrance to Mukiele and Leandro Paredes. Fresh legs inside PSG for closure.Min. 66 | Cham takes the ball just outside the PSG area and looks to hit a hard shot but the ball moves and barely hits him. Clermont does not find the point of pride.Min. 63 | The Parisians walk the ball from one side of the field to the other and without any rush to go looking for the goal, just letting the minutes continue to run on the field.Min. 60 | Sarabia hangs a great center in the area for Neymar’s shot and once again the goalkeeper saves the Clermont goal and PSG is left with the desire for the fourth.Min. 58 | The ball is at the mercy of Messi, who doesn’t dare to shoot, lowers it and turns around but there they come and take the ball very easily. The Argentine does not find his rhythm. Min. 56 | Another cross from Neymar for Kimpembe to shoot just from above, but the defender does not turn his neck and ends up forgiving the best chance of the fourth goal from the visitors.Min. 53 | A long possession by Clermont that ends with a shot from Andric looking at an angle and the ball just passes over PSG’s goal.Min. 50 | Leo crashes the ball into the barrier and fails to get on the scoreboard to extend PSG’s thrashing against Clermont, who cannot shake off dominance.Min. 48 | Messi receives the ball in the crescent, takes off an opponent and then receives a foul. A very dangerous free kick for the Argentine player, who is looking for his first goal. Min. 46 | Arraaaaaaancaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah of the second half and PSG immediately advances lines to go for the fourth as soon as possible and completely sentence the game.Min. 45+1 | Neymar puts a chopped ball to Messi and the Argentine shoots hard but at the location of the Clermont goalkeeper and the first half comes to an end.Min. 45 | Sergio Ramos looks for a very long stroke for the arrival of Pablo Sarabia but the ball ends up hitting and reaches the hands of the local goalkeeper.Min. 42 | Nuno Mendes arrives by surprise through the band and receives the ball to shoot cross but it goes just wide of the goal and Clermont is saved from receiving the fourth before the break.Min. 39 | Goooooooooal from PSG. Neymar’s center that Marquinhos finishes off alone in the area and PSG already scores the third. This is already a landslide against Clermont.Min. 37 | Once again, Diaw saves Clermont after a great action by Messi with Neymar that ended in a shot by Nuno Mendes that the goalkeeper rejected. Min. 35 | Messi takes the ball and loses time to throw to Neymar, who is offside and PSG’s move is cut off with a whistle. Min. 32 | Vitinha becomes a quarterback within PSG and takes the ball in the center of the pitch to launch passes to moving forwards from there.Min. 29 | Messi’s center from the corner kick and Sergio Ramos gets up only to finish off with a header and the Clermont goalkeeper covers in a great way to avoid the third.Min. 26 | Goooooooooal PSG. Hakimi arrives alone from the right wing and shoots at the first post to stop the goalkeeper and extend the advantage of the Parisians.Min. 24 | Messi is already beginning to bring out the magic, removing rivals with little hats in the midfield but still without weight in the attack to get closer to the goal.Min. 21 | The locals try to equalize with a shot from distance that goes wide of the goal and Donnarumma only watches the trip of the ball that passes to the side.Min. 18 | The ball is dead for Vitinho outside the area and the midfielder tries to place his shot but it goes wide and the second goal of the visit is lost.Min. 16 | Pars continues to dominate the ball but Clermont responds with speed, although he does not find precision in his touch to get in front of Gigi.Min’s goal. 13 | Vitinha commits a foul just outside the area and earns a yellow card in his debut as a PSG player in Lugue 1. He is the first card of the match.Min. 10 | Goooooooooooooal from PSG. Neymar shoots cross at the entrance of the area and leaves the goalkeeper without options to open the scoring in favor of PSG very quickly.Min. 7 | Neymar shoots after a great service in the area and the defense sweeps to deflect and save Clermont from receiving the first goal in the first minutes of the match.Min. 5 | Marco Verratti tries to send a filtered service to the area for Messi but the Argentine does not bite and the ball reaches the hands of the local goalkeeper without any danger.Min. 3 | Center to the area for Andric’s arrival but the striker’s shot comes out without force, to the location of the Italian PSG goalkeeper. Clermont forgives the first arrival.Min. 1 | The match raaaaaaaaaaancaaaaaaaaaaa and the first to touch the ball are the Parisians, who throw the ball backwards to start working on the first attack.13:55 hrs | We are only five minutes away from kick-off in France and it is time to go with the emotions of the match… Let’s go with the actions!13:50 hrs | Another of the attractions and aspects to follow in this duel is the debut of Vitinha, who joined PSG and let’s see how much he looks in his first minutes with the team.13:40 hrs | Both teams are already on the pitch at the Stade Gabriel Montpied warming up and we are approaching the kick-off in Clermont. 1:30 pm | We must remember that one of PSG’s great figures, Kylian Mbapp, will not be able to take part in this game after suffering an injury, so Neymra and Messi will be accompanied by Sarabia in attack. Clermont line-up confirmed 13:20 hrs | This is the lineup of the hosts to face PSG: Diaw, Wieteska, Seidu, Ogier, Borges, Gastien, Gonalons, Allevinah, Berthomier, Dossou and Andric.Confirmed PSG lineup13:10 hrs | This is Christophe Galtier’s first line-up as PSG coach: Donnarumma, Hakimi, Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Nuno Mendes, Verratti, Vitinha, Messi, Neymar and Sarabia. The Parisian team is already arriving at the stadium and obviously the cameras are leaving with Lionel Messi, who wants to start the championship as a key player in PSG. Welcome to Clermont vs PSG! Hello, good afternoon and welcome. Today Ligue 1 starts in France and PSG jumps into action looking to start off on the right foot in the visit against Clermont. After last year was his first in this league, now Lionel Messi seeks to take a much more leading role along with Neymar and Mbapp, the two faces of the Parisians for some campaigns. live detail.


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