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Hlinka Gretzky Cup 2022: Canada and Sweden will meet in the final –


RED DEER. At the prestigious youth tournament Hlinka Gretzky Cup, hockey players from home Canada and Sweden will play for gold medals. The Maple Leafs won the fourth meeting at the tournament, and they were close to keeping a clean sheet for the third time. The Canadians won 4:1 over Finland when Arttu Alasiurua adjusted the score of the match 18 seconds before the end. A lucky goal in the second period helped Canada significantly. Goalkeeper Emil Vinni first blocked Calum Ritchie’s shot, but the puck then bounced off the back guard and went off the concrete of the Finnish goalkeeper into the net. The home favorite definitively broke the resistance of the Nordic opponent in the final act, when Matthew Wood and Denver Barkey scored within 19 seconds. In the second semi-final, the Swedes defeated the representatives of the Czech Republic 6:2. At first glance, it looks like a clear duel, but it was definitely not the case. In the 46th minute, Jiří Felcman reduced the score to 2:3 with a goal in his own weakness, and then the Czechs had several chances to equalize. However, the Swedes were calmed down by Otto Stenberg in the 57th minute, later Wille Johansson scored into an empty net, and the score was cruel from the Czechs’ point of view. sealed it four seconds before the final siren with his second Stenberg goal. Hlinka Gretzky Cup 2022 – semi-finals: Canada – Finland 4:1 (1:0, 1:0, 2:1) Goals: 20. Gauthier (Price, Allen), 29. Ritchie (Rehkopf, Weinstein), 50. Wood, 50. Barkey (Cristall, Howe) – 60. Alasiurua (Kiiskinen, Hynninen) Czech Republic – Sweden 2:6 (0:1, 1:2, 1:3) Goals: 33 Štancl (Badinka, Šprynar), 46. Felcman (Kučera) – 18. Forsfjäll (Sandin-Pellikka, Lindstein), 24. Nordh (G. Kangas, Sandin-Pellikka), 39. Dower Nilsson (Edstrom, Sagadin), 57 Stenberg (Bergström, Willander), 60. Johansson, 60. Stenberg (Edstrom).


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