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He imprisoned her for years in a cellar near the Slovak border. He chose the wrong person, says Natascha proudly today – Dobré noviny


It was the first day she could go to school alone. Ten-year-old Natascha Kampuschová was very sad and that day she thought of only one thing – how to throw herself under the car. Her parents’ divorce hurt her deeply. She was walking down the sidewalk thinking the worst when a man in a white van pulled up next to her. For the next 3096 days, Wolfgang Přiklopil kept her in a dark cellar under the garage, where he wanted to raise her into an ideal woman who would love him without limits. It took eight years for the Austrian to get a unique chance to escape. Taking advantage of her captor’s moment of inattention, she got free and told her heartbreaking story to the whole world. Embedded post from Facebook: The woman of his dreams Wolfgang Přiklopil was unhappy since childhood because no girl ever fell in love with him. He had low self-esteem and hated himself, especially his nose, which he would rather rip out of his face. One day he started thinking about plastic surgery. After all, she could solve his biggest problem. In the end, however, he decided on a much worse solution – he spent the saved money on building a bunker under his house. Embedded post from Facebook: A diabolical plan began to form in his head about how to find the bride of his dreams himself. And if it hasn’t gone well so far, he will do it differently. “Suddenly he had a dream to kidnap a young girl and make her the woman of his dreams,” his friend Ernst Holzapfel told police about the kidnapper. Headed towards Slovakia While Přiklopil planned the kidnapping, 10-year-old Natascha Kampuschová experienced a childhood full of sadness. She was born on the outskirts of Vienna, where she grew up among people from the lowest class – alcoholics and violent people – including her divorced parents. Even then, she suffered from emotional overeating, depression and felt increasingly lonely. Her parents beat, slapped and insulted her at home. She spent her last moments of freedom fantasizing about suicide on the way to school. She would throw herself in front of the car and her mother would finally feel sorry for something. She was pulled out of her thoughts by a white van in which Wolfgang Přiklopil was sitting. He grabbed the girl from the street and went towards Slovakia. He stopped 15 kilometers before the border. Embedded post from Facebook: Labyrinth to the dungeon As Natascha lay in the van, she immediately started asking the kidnapper questions. “What size shoes do you wear? How old are you? Are you married? Do you have children? Why don’t you have children?” she asked one question after another. She thought she was doing the right thing. “I knew from watching the crime series that I had to get as much information as possible about the criminal,” she recalled her naivety with a smile. The article continues on the next page:


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