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Israel plans a week-long operation on Gaza as violence intensifies with 15 dead – RTVE


Israel announced this Saturday that it plans to extend its military operation in Gaza for a week, where a new upsurge in violence between the army and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (YIP) has left at least 24 Palestinians dead and 125 wounded, according to the Ministry of Gaza health. Among the fatalities are five children and one adult who were killed by a rocket hit in the town of Jabalia, in the north of the Gaza Strip. The Islamic Jihad has attributed the attack to Israel, but the Israeli army has indicated that it was a hit from a failed rocket from the Palestinian group. The Israeli army has assured that “currently no ceasefire negotiations are taking place”, while Egypt and the United States try to speed up a possible mediation to calm the situation. The escalation of tension began on Monday with the arrest by Israeli forces of Bassam al-Saadi, one of the leaders of the Jihad during a raid in the West Bank. After days of friction, the Israeli Army bombed dozens of targets this Friday, using drones and fighter planes, allegedly used to manufacture weapons and launch rockets, in addition to a residential building, an attack in which the number two of the YIP, Taysir al Jabari, and at least four other members. Local media put the number of Israeli bombings at around 50. During the night, in addition, a joint operation between the Israeli Army, the Border Police and the Internal Intelligence Service has ended with the capture of 20 people in the occupied West Bank, of which 19 belong to the Islamic Jihad. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad launches 400 rockets against Israel In response to the Israeli offensive, the Palestinian organization has launched some 400 rockets since Friday, especially towards towns near the enclave, according to figures from the Israeli Army. Other sources point to more than 200. One of these launches has even triggered alarms in Tel Aviv, although no hits were recorded, since the vast majority of these projectiles were intercepted by anti-aircraft defense systems. On the Israeli side, not yet deaths have been recorded and at least 10 people have been injured. Of that number, two were soldiers injured by the impact of a rocket launched from Gaza towards one of the border towns and the rest were civilians injured while running to bomb shelters. As for the damage caused by the attacks, the Islamist movement Hamas, which de facto controls the Gaza Strip, has indicated that some 650 structures have been destroyed. In Israel, so far only one rocket hit has been recorded on a home in the city of Sdero. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which maintains close contacts with the YIP, has assured that Israel will pay “a high price” for the latest attacks against the Palestinians. “The Israelis will pay another high price for their recent crime,” Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami said while meeting with Islamic Jihad leader Ziad al-Nakhala, who is in Iran. Israel says it does not fear a major conflict with Islamic Jihad Following the offensive, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid has said that Israel will not allow terrorist groups in Gaza to “set the agenda in the area adjacent to the Strip and threaten citizens of the State of Israel. He has indicated that his country “is not interested in a major conflict” with the Islamic Jihad, but has warned that this scenario “does not generate fear.” “Israel will not sit idly by when there are those who try to harm its civilians,” he has said. The Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, has said, for his part, that the Army will inflict “serious damage” on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip in the context of the current escalation of violence, in order to “restore peace” in the region. Gantz urged the Israeli population to “stay strong and stay united” and stressed the need to respect security instructions. Separately, the Gaza Power Authority has announced that Gaza’s only power plant has had to cease operation after the entry of fuel through Israel was suspended due to the escalation. In this way, electricity in the Strip becomes available for four hours a day, something that the Palestinian Health has warned could significantly limit the medical care of those injured in the bombings. US, EU and Russia call for de-escalation and Egypt calls for mediation mediation, with the support of Qatar and the United Nations. “We urge all parties to avoid further escalation. We continue our unwavering commitment to Israel’s security in the world,” said White House National Security Council Communications Coordinator John Kirby. The European Union, for its part, has called for “moderation” from the warring parties in Gaza and has asked Israel to prevent its response to the attacks launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) from widening the conflict. “While Israel has the right to protect its civilian population, everything must be done to avoid a broader conflict that would, first and foremost, affect civilian populations on both sides and cause more casualties and more suffering,” he declared in a statement. statement from the EU External Action Service. Moscow has also shown its concern after the increase in tensions. “We are deeply concerned about this situation, which threatens the resumption of a large-scale military confrontation and the aggravation of the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.


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