NewsWorldThe fire in Ávila, with signs of being intentional,...

The fire in Ávila, with signs of being intentional, does not have good forecasts due to the heat and the complicated orography


The high temperatures and the complicated orography of the area mean that those responsible for the operation to extinguish the fire that broke out on Friday in Santa Cruz del Valle (Ávila) do not foresee a favorable evolution of the fire this Saturday. of the device against forest fires of the Territorial Environment Service of the Board in Ávila, Miguel Ángel García, explained in statements sent to the media that “strong winds are not expected”. However, he pointed out that the orography “greatly complicates the work” of the ground crews and the aerial means, since the “head” of the fire has “a lot of smoke” and makes the task difficult. The forecast for this Saturday “is not going to be favourable”, although the operation of more than 400 people and almost twenty aerial means “will work so that this forecast is not fulfilled”, taking into account that, in addition, an increase in temperatures is expected, in one of the warmest areas of the province, known as the Andalusia of Ávila. During this second day of the fire, the operation deployed at this point in the Tiétar Valley will try to “perimeter the fire as much as possible”, to try to make it “calmer” at the end of the day, after that in its first hours “it advanced quite quickly”. Sources from the Ministry of the Environment have specified that the head of the fire has reached the top of the mountain. The fire has been declared Level 2 on a scale of danger from 0 to 3 by the Junta de Castilla y León, given the possible effect on the population, although the night has passed “without incident” and “for the moment it has not been necessary to evacuate any town”, the regional Administration has informed. 4:18 p.m. on Friday in this municipality of Barranco de las Cinco Villas, in the Valle del Tiétar region of Avila, south of the province of Ávila, about 70 kilometers from the capital. According to the Junta de Castilla y León, there are “indications of intentionality” at the origin of this fire, whose causes are being investigated, while the mayor of Santa Cruz del Valle, Enrique Rodríguez, told Efe that the fire was “intentional, with capital letters.”


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