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When are PS Plus Extra/Premium games announced for August 2022? – Area gamers


I’ll tell you on what date the games that are going to be included this August in the Extra and Premium levels of PlayStation Plus could be announced. It has been more than a month since the new PS Plus is also available in Spain. For those who don’t know, the renewed service now consists of three different levels, perfect for all types of players depending on what they are specifically looking for. I also know that it can be a bit confusing to understand the three levels that exist, each one with its benefits and prices, so here are links to find out everything about these services: Save, what I want to talk about is when Extra and Premium tier games for August will be announced. Because yes, the Essential ones are already announced and available, but the rest take longer to be announced and to arrive. And this will be the date when they are announced! August 2022 PS Plus Extra and Premium Games Announcement Date The first thing to note is that they will be announced on the official PS Plus Twitter account, and here is the link for you to stay tuned! Based on last month’s pattern, these should be the dates to watch out for: Games will be available on the third Tuesday of the month, which in this case will be August 16 ⏳ So the date that announced is the previous Wednesday, August 10 ❗️ Games already confirmed For those who don’t know, there are already several confirmed games, which are the 8 main installments of the Yakuza saga. That said, they are expected to announce more, often including quite a handful just like they did last month.


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