NewsWorldChina is rehearsing a simulated attack on Taiwan, the...

China is rehearsing a simulated attack on Taiwan, the army claims –


The Ministry of Defense in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, said a number of Chinese warplanes and ships were operating near the island nation. Some of them crossed the unofficial center line in the Taiwan Strait separating Taiwan and China, which is mostly respected by both sides. In response, Taiwan’s military dispatched aircraft and broadcast warnings. It also mobilized anti-missile defense systems to track the aircraft of the Chinese military. Photo gallery (2) Source: TASR/AP/Ng Han Guan China launched maneuvers around this self-governing island republic in response to the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, writes AFP. China’s ruling Communist Party considers the de facto independent and democratic Taiwan part of its territory, which it wants to one day control, even with the use of force if necessary.


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