NewsWorldThe Kings and their daughters have dinner with Doña...

The Kings and their daughters have dinner with Doña Sofía on their first family outing


The King and Queen and their daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, had dinner this Friday with Queen Sofía and her sister Irene of Greece at a restaurant in Palma, from which they left after midnight. The dinner took place at the Ola de Mar restaurant , a place in the port of Portixol, one of the favorites of the royal family, who have already chosen this place in previous years for their family dinners. On leaving the restaurant, the entire group posed for the photographers, Don Felipe giving the arm her mother, Queen Sofía, just as the Infanta has done. For their part, Queen Letizia and Princess Leonor accompanied Irene of Greece on her walk to the waiting cars to take them back to Marivent. restaurant, by chef Guillermo Cabot, was already the place chosen by Don Felipe to dine with his family last year. Specializing in fish and shellfish, the place has two large terraces overlooking the sea in the small port to the east of the bay of Palma .The Kings and their daughter They were already together in Valldemossa a few days ago, while Queen Sofía attended the reception for the Balearic society at the Marivent Palace on Thursday night. THE KINGS IN MALLORCABallesteros Doña Sofía and her sister Irene have been residing in the Marivent Palace for several weeks, but they had not been seen until tonight. However, this is the first time that the entire group has dined in a restaurant in the capital Balearic Islands where they spend a few days off.


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