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SHMÚ monitors radiation, there was a fire in the Ukrainian nuclear power plant – Startitup


The values ​​of radiation in the air in Slovakia are currently normal. The Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic states this in a press release in connection with the fire at the Ukrainian Zaporozhsk nuclear power plant. According to the department, the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) does not even anticipate the occurrence of flow from the risk area towards Slovakia in the next few days, specifically until Monday, August 8. “Currently, the SHMÚ radiation monitoring network has 30 measurement points,” the ministry states, adding that the SHMÚ is part of the SR Radiation Monitoring Network. “It regularly receives information from the Liaison Point, through which the Office of Nuclear Supervision provides up-to-date reports on the radiation situation in our country and abroad,” the department emphasized. The radiation did not escape. Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear company Enerhoatom said a high-voltage power line at the power plant was hit by Russian bombing on Friday. However, she added that the power plant is still in operation and no leakage of radioactivity has been recorded. The British website The Guardian informs about it. The Ukrainian statement on the incident was released shortly after the Russian-appointed administration in the occupied Ukrainian city of Enerhodar said that the power lines at the power plant were damaged by a Ukrainian strike. The power plant is located in territory controlled by Russia. During a shift change, 🇺🇦 military again shelled the territory of Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, hitting 2 power lines, necessary for the safe operation of nuclear power units
Measures are taken to safeguard the plant operation — Elena Evdokimova (@elenaevdokimov7) August 5, 2022 Unchecked Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Mariano Grossi warned that the largest nuclear power plant in Europe “is completely out of control”. At the same time, he urgently asked Russia and Ukraine to allow experts to visit the complex as quickly as possible in order to stabilize the situation and avoid a nuclear accident. In an interview with The Associated Press, Grossi said that the situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Ukraine is becoming more dangerous every day. The power plant, located in the southeastern city of Enerhodar, has been under the control of Russian troops since March, shortly after the start of the Russian invasion. At the facility, “every principle of nuclear safety was violated,” Grossi said, adding that “what is at stake is extremely serious and extremely important and dangerous.” He listed several safety violations at the power plant and added that it is located “in an area of ​​active war conflict”, near territory controlled by Russia. The physical integrity of the power plant is not being respected, he said, citing shelling at the beginning of the war when it was occupied by the Russians, as well as ongoing reports of attacks in Zaporozhye, which Russia and Ukraine blame each other for. Ukrainians are still working here There is a “paradoxical situation” at the facility, when it is controlled by the Russians, but Ukrainian employees continue to work on the operation of the power plant, which leads to tension and allegedly violence, he continued. The IAEA does have some contact with the workers, but it is faulty and irregular. According to Grossi, supplies of equipment and spare parts are also interrupted, “so we are not sure if the plant is getting everything it needs.” The IAEA also needs to conduct an important inspection to ensure that nuclear material is protected and “there is a lot of nuclear material that needs to be inspected.” “When you put all this together, you have an overview of things that should never happen in any nuclear facility. That’s why I insist from day one that we have to be able to get in there and do this safety assessment, make repairs and help like we did in Chernobyl,” explained Grossi. The IAEA must go to Zaporozhye, just as it went to Chernobyl, to find out the facts, what is really going on there, carry out repairs and inspections and “prevent a nuclear accident”, he added. Thanks for reading Startitup. If you have an observation or found an error in the article, write to us at [email protected] Source: SITA


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