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Andrej Žiarovský / Is the war in Ukraine really a Russian-American proxy conflict? –


And would it necessarily be bad if we talked about her like that? The last edition of our special video show about the war in Ukraine caused a lot of reactions on the Postoj website and on the Postoj TV YouTube channel. In this edition, Andrej Žiarovský, in response to audience questions, focused primarily on two topics: firstly, whether the new Russian rocket launchers can compete with the American HIMARS system used by Ukraine, secondly, whether the military conflict on the territory of our eastern neighbor is really a Russian-American proxy war . In today’s edition you will also learn: 0:45 What is the Russian Tornado rocket launcher and how effective it really is. 10:00 What is a “proxy war”. 12:15 Whether “proxy war” is necessarily a negative thing. 14:45 The Korean War as the first Soviet-American proxy war. 19:00 How the relative success of the Americans during the Korean War led to their involvement in Vietnam. 22:50 How the success of the communists in Vietnam led to later Soviet involvement in Afghanistan. 26:00 What happened in the 1970s in Angola. 28:40 How socialist Czechoslovakia got involved in the Angolan civil war. 30:30 Whether the Arab-Israeli wars can also be considered proxy wars. 38:30 How the Arab-Israeli wars affected arms production in Slovakia. 42:00 To what extent can the current conflict in Ukraine be described as a Russian-American proxy war. Even in two weeks, we want to address audience questions. If you have a question for Andrej Žiarovský, write it in the discussion below the article. We will try to answer it next time. You can still order Andrej Žiarovský’s book The Russian Century of Wars: Victories and Defeats from Stalin to Putin at a discount HERE.


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