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Feminist and progressive: this is Sofía Petro, one of the daughters of Gustavo Petro, the elected president of Colombia


Who did Petro and Márquez thank for their triumph in Colombia? 3:51 (CNN Spanish) – Sofía Petro Alcocer is one of the five children of Gustavo Petro, the elected president of Colombia, so her life has been transversely marked by politics. “Since I can remember, always, always, I have been in politics, because I was born and he was already involved in this,” said Petro Alcocer in an interview with Carolina Sanín on Mesa Capital of Canal Capital, the public channel of Bogotá, speaking about his father’s political campaigns, both for the Presidency and for the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá. “It was super-shocking,” she recalled of Petro’s 2013 speech when he was removed as Bogota’s mayor following a disciplinary investigation into his handling of a crisis related to the city’s garbage collection system. During the 2022 presidential campaign, Petro Alcocer was the center of attention for his active participation in the campaign. So much so that during his father’s victory speech on June 19, when Petro greeted his family, the crowd erupted in applause and chanted his name. Presidential candidate Gustavo Petro of the Historical Pact coalition gestures accompanied by his daughter Sofia before casting her vote during the presidential election day on May 29, 2022 in Bogota, Colombia. (Credit: Guillermo Legaria / Getty Images) When she talks about her father, she describes him as a peaceful, calm person, a coherent man, not authoritarian, and although he is stubborn, she says that she feels that he listens to her. “He has a strong personality, he is stubborn, but with me I feel that he softens,” said Petro Alcocer about his relationship with his father. “He receives my criticism, although many times he discusses some with which we do not agree. I know that deep down my words do reach him.” Mujica on Petro: Colombia has an accumulated hunger for peace 4:42 Who is Sofía Petro Alcocer? Sofía Petro Alcocer (Bogotá, 2002) is one of the daughters of Gustavo Petro’s marriage to Verónica Alcocer. She traveled abroad to attend university once she finished high school at the French Lyceum. She is now studying Economics and Sociology in Paris, from where she returned this year to do her internship in the Petro campaign. The newly elected Colombian President Gustavo Petro (R) kisses his daughter Sofía at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, on June 19, 2022 after winning the second round of the presidential elections on June 19, 2022. (Credit: JUAN BARRETO /AFP via Getty Images) “I left at first because it seemed very hard to go to university, to leave school… because they had known me since I was little. In the end, I was more Sofia, the daughter of,” she told Carolina Sanin of Capital Channel. Sofía says that her relationship with Colombia has two faces: on the one hand, she says, she feels very Colombian and says that she wants to make her life, work and contribute to this country, but on the other, she says that she feels contradicted because there she never He has been able to have a normal life, such as walking quietly in the street without having a bodyguard, or being who he is regardless of the political weight of his last name. Meanwhile, Petro says that she is environmentally conscious and tries to follow fashion with responsible consumption, such as using second-hand clothes and accessories. “I try to be very responsible in consumption. Many people say that it is useless. I think we need people with an ecological conscience to have the big changes and the big decisions that cannot be made right now,” he said in the interview with Canal. Capital. “We must occupy all spaces with our bodies” -Marielle Franco. Yes, also the polls 🇨🇴💜
For peace, for women, for the environment, for a change at last. thank you real love foundation and well tesas for the garments 💜 – Sofía Petro Alcocer (@sofiapetroa) June 19, 2022 Feminism and social conscience Petro Alcocer won the eyes of many of those who followed the presidential campaign of 2022. It was the first time the 20-year-old had voted in a general election. And her activism, both online and offline, earned her applause from some sectors, perhaps especially from young progressives. One of the things that she has been most vocal about is her identification as a feminist. She says that this feminism should be something “pedagogical, not a revenge”. “A feminism that sits down to dialogue with all sectors of society. Yes, also with men… I want my dad, my brother, my boyfriend, to accompany me to disembark from the patriarchy, teach them how,” he said in his Twitter account on March 8. “We need everyone to build a better world and I invite my cis male followers to reflect on what we claim from feminism,” she added. Colombian presidential candidate Gustavo Petro (C) for the Colombia Humana Party addresses his followers in Bogotá, along with his wife Verónica Alcocer (2-L) and their daughters Antonella (L-bottom) and Sofía (2-R), after receiving a second place in the first round of the Colombian presidential elections on May 27, 2018. (Credit: RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP via Getty Images) She has a YouTube channel called Conócelas where she tells the stories of Colombian women and the struggles of the leaders. The controversies And as she became the center of attention during the critical months of the campaign, she was not without controversy. In mid-July, Sofía Petro gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper El País in which she naturally spoke about politics. At that time, a few days before the second presidential round, when the race between Gustavo Petro and his opponent Rodolfo Hernandez was very close, the young woman referred to a possible victory for Hernández, which sparked a controversy. “We cannot let him be president,” Petro Alcocer said of Rodolfo Hernández. “Because I think, in my opinion, if it were to be the case, it could generate a much worse social explosion than last year.” The criticism was immediate and the ruling Democratic Center party, Petro’s staunchest opponent, said that Sofia Petro’s words were a “warning” of what could happen if Petro lost. “It is very clear to us the type of people who seek to come to power. Sofía Petro, daughter of the candidate of the Historical Pact, warns of a huge social explosion in the event of the defeat of her father,” the Democratic Center tweeted. But she responded on her social media that the attacks against her for this interview are “crazy and lies.” “When they don’t have anything bad to say about one, they make it up. When they don’t have a plot, they have no choice but to say crazy things and lies,” she wrote on Twitter. “To those people with so much hatred I can only wish, in good faith, that they can heal their hearts.” Days later, he held the meeting of his father, the president-elect, with former president Álvaro Uribe, the two faces of Colombia’s polarization: “Understand that we must live with those who think differently, ask for forgiveness, forgive, with sincerity, build. Colombia It has been condemned to repeat its violent history over and over again. Beyond the meeting, it is a task, a first step to be able to heal ourselves.”


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