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War Ukraine – Russia, live | Zelenski believes that the solution to “political chaos” lies in exporting more and more Ukrainian grain to the market – RTVE


The war in Ukraine celebrates 164 days this Saturday with the Donetsk region as the main focus of the conflict. In the Zaporizhia region, one of the nuclear power plant’s reactors suffered an attack on Friday that damaged power lines and industrial buildings at the plant. Both Russia and Ukraine have accused each other of carrying out the offensive. Three new ships loaded with grain have left Ukrainian ports this Friday thanks to the agreement recently reached by Russia and Ukraine, under the supervision of the Government of Turkey and the UN. The new three-ship convoy is transporting more than 58,000 tons of cereals, destined for Turkey, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Last minute of the war between Russia and Ukraine: Minute Description 11:03 A local resident looks at the rubble of a destroyed building in Toretsk, Ukraine. Photo: BULENT KILIC / AFP

10:17 The war map: Russia regroups its troops in southern Ukraine. Russian forces are massing in southern Ukraine, which could anticipate a counteroffensive or preparation for a possible assault, according to the UK Ministry of Defense. In his daily briefing, he has indicated that the war “is about to enter a new phase”, with the heaviest fighting shifting to a front line some 350 km to the southwest, from near Zaporizhia to Kherson. 09:45 Young Ukrainians have organized camps and electronic music concerts to attract hundreds of volunteers to help with debris removal and building repairs. The initiative, under the name ‘Repair together’ (Let’s repair together) has been organized through social networks and the organizers assure that it is being a success. 09:16 Fighting continues in the Kharkov and Donetsk region. According to kyiv, most of the Russian attacks and shelling have focused on the Sumy region and on civilian settlements and buildings in Donetsk, including a hotel and a church. Ukraine also denounces that Moscow forces are using the Zaporiya nuclear power plant, in the center of the country and under Russian control, to launch attacks against civilian targets. 08:43 The UK Ministry of Defense has assured that Russian forces are massing in southern Ukraine, anticipating a counteroffensive or in preparation for a possible assault. “Long convoys of Russian military trucks, tanks, artillery and other equipment continue to move away from the Ukrainian region of Donbas and head southwest,” he added in his daily report on Twitter. 08:15 The Ukrainian city of Mikolaiv, located in the south of the country, has imposed a curfew since Friday. The measure is scheduled until Monday and is intended to help catch people who collaborate with Russia, according to the region’s governor. 07:45 The director of the Ukrainian branch of Amnesty International, Oksana Pokaltchouk, has left the human rights body after the group accused the Ukrainian armed forces of endangering civilians by stationing troops in residential areas during the Russian invasion. Amnesty made the comments on Thursday, and kyiv compared them to Russian propaganda and disinformation.

07:05 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has described his meeting in Sochi with Russian President Vladimir Putin as fruitful. On the table were the war in Ukraine and the agreement to ship grain from Ukrainian ports to international markets. This Friday three new ships loaded with grain have departed, which will arrive in Turkey, the United Kingdom and Ireland in the coming days. Ankara has also agreed with Moscow to pay for gas in rubles.

05:05 The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, has stressed the importance of increasing grain exports to the world market, since it would serve to provide a solution to the “political chaos” that the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are generating. “The more of our grain is on the world market, the less the harvest of political chaos will be,” the president assured. 00:43 “Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of a new attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant“— RTVE (@rtve) August 5, 2022 00:30 “They organize through the networks social and travel across the country to help➡ᅬ“— RTVE (@rtve) August 5, 2022 00:03 “The war map: Ukraine seems to be taking the strategic initiative for the first time in the war“— RTVE (@rtve) August 5, 2022


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