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Amnesty International in turmoil after the publication of its report on the war in Ukraine – Le Monde


kyiv did not appreciate the lesson at all. By wanting to show neutrality, Amnesty International has alienated the Ukrainian leaders but also a large part of civil society in the country ravaged by war for five months. In a report published Thursday, August 4, the NGO asserts that the Ukrainian armed forces are endangering the civilian population. Amnesty International notes at least nineteen examples where the Ukrainian armed forces have set up bases and deployed weapons in residential areas. As a result, civilians become collateral victims of the artillery barrage to which Russia is subjecting the entire front in its war of conquest. Since its publication, the report has become one of the most discussed topics in Ukraine, attesting to the difficulty of an NGO, among the most influential on the international scene, to carry out impartial investigations in the context of a fierce war. where stories collide. Read also: War in Ukraine live: after the departure of three ships on Friday, the export of Ukrainian cereals continues Very upset, President Volodymyr Zelensky strongly criticized in his daily video address, from Thursday evening, an “attempt to amnesty for a terrorist country” which places “the victim and the aggressor in a certain way on an equal footing”. He recalled that the Russian strikes destroyed nearly 200 churches and places of worship, 2,200 educational institutions and 900 hospitals and clinics. For her part, the Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister, Hanna Maliar, underlined how the NGO ignored tactical realities: “The Ukrainian army fortifies and defends towns and villages. If we wait for the Russian enemy on the battlefield, as some advise us, the Russians will occupy all our houses. The vast Russian superiority in firepower and artillery leaves no other choice for the Ukrainian defense but to use the buildings for protection. The cities remain very difficult for the invader to take, although he is ready to raze them, as the Russian army has already demonstrated in Mariupol and in a dozen other Ukrainian cities. Read also: Article reserved for our subscribers War in Ukraine: Amnesty International denounces “indiscriminate attacks” by the Russian army in Kharkiv Friday August 5, after having already distanced herself from the document, the director of Amnesty International in Ukraine, Oksana Pokalchuk also announced her resignation on her Facebook page, criticizing the fact that the NGO did not wish to include the Ukrainian team in the investigation. “Everything crashed against the wall of bureaucracy and the language barrier of the deaf,” she writes. It’s not about English, it’s about the fact that if you don’t live in a country overrun with invaders tearing it apart, you probably don’t understand what it’s like to condemn an ​​army of defenders . You have 59.7% of this article left to read. The following is for subscribers only.


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