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Extremadura is the fourth region with the fewest cases of monkeypox, 22 –


Extremadura has counted until this Friday 22 people infected with monkeypox, of which one has had to be admitted although without serious criteria, while in the national total the cases amount to 4,942 people, of which 139 have been hospitalized and two they have passed away Extremadura is the fourth community with the least affected. The second vice president of the Board and Minister of Health and Social Services, José María Vergeles, has made public the number of infections in the region through a message on social networks, where he has also stated that “whether or not it is serious, the stigma It cannot, nor should it silence this disease, it must be treated well”. According to data updated by the Ministry of Health, Spain remains the first European country -it brings together almost half of the 11,536 positives detected on the continent- and the second in the world -only surpassed by the United States, which exceeds 7,100- more affected by this alert declared an international public health emergency at the end of July. According to Health, since Tuesday 365 new infections have been reported; from 4,436 cases for which this information exists and 2.8 percent have required hospital admission. The deceased, meanwhile, remain in two young men, one from the Valencian Community, another 31-year-old boy from Córdoba. Nine deaths have been confirmed worldwide, in addition to the two in Spain, three in Nigeria, two in the Central African Republic, one in Ghana and one in India, although the WHO is investigating other deaths that could be linked to this outbreak. Madrid and Catalonia By communities, Madrid continues to be the one with the highest number of cases with 1,817, ahead of Catalonia (1,558) and, much further away, Andalusia (661), Valencian Community (284); Basque Country (130); Canary Islands (118) and Balearic Islands (111). They are followed by Galicia (71); Aragon (47) and Asturias (47); Castile and León (41); Castile-La Mancha (36); Murcia (26); Extremadura (22); Cantabria (18); Navarra (12) and La Rioja, with 4. The vast majority of patients notified to the Surveillance System in Spain (Sivies), 4,863 are men and 79 are women whose ages range between 10 months and 88 years, maintaining the median in 37. Of those with clinical information, six out of ten had anogenital rash (59.4%) and slightly more than half (55.1%), fever. They also presented exanthema in other locations (51.8% neither anogenital nor oral-buccal) and lymphadenopathy (50.7%). These symptoms were followed by asthenia (32.8%); muscle pain (25.2%); headache (23.5%); oro-buccal rash (19.9%) and sore throat (13.3%). According to the report, 237 cases had complications throughout their clinical process with other symptoms, the most common being mouth ulcers and secondary bacterial infections. Eight out of ten infected (3,943, 79.78%) are men who have sex with men (MSM). The most likely transmission mechanism in 2,287 cases for which this information is available was through close contact in the context of sexual intercourse in 80.6% of cases and through close non-sexual contact in 9.1%. There is also data on attendance at massive events in 3,152 cases; of them, 646 attended one in the dates prior to the onset of symptoms. 7,000 more vaccines Meanwhile, Spain is still waiting for the arrival of 7,000 vaccines more than the 11,400 that it acquired through Hera, the European Authority for Preparedness and Response to Health Emergencies, in addition to another 200 that it bought from a third State. The Minister of Health indicated last Tuesday that they would be by the end of this week or the beginning of the next, although yesterday she clarified that they will be “in the coming weeks”. They will thus join the 5,000 that the communities have already begun to play on demand. The simian virus vaccination plan contemplates pre-exposure prophylaxis in people with high-risk practices and post-exposure of close contacts of confirmed cases, especially those with a high risk of serious illness such as children, pregnant women and immunosuppressed people. Also for health and laboratory personnel with contact with positives who have had some impact on the use of their protective equipment (PPE).


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