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The metabolism of the child depends on a healthy diet during lactation – Last minute


A healthy diet during the lactation period manages to normalize the lipid content (concentrations of different types of fats) in breast milk and prevent metabolic alterations in the offspring. This has been confirmed by a recent study carried out by a team from the Obesity and Nutrition area of ​​the Center for Biomedical Research in Xarxa (Ciberobn) of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and the Institut d’Investigació Sanitària de les Illes Balearic Islands (Idisba), in collaboration with the Institute of Physiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The results have been published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research. Through this study, we sought to evaluate, in an animal model, whether normalizing the maternal diet during lactation manages to prevent the harmful effects that the consumption of an obesogenic diet (which promotes obesity in humans) before and during pregnancy exert. on the lipidome or lipidomic profile (the set of hundreds of lipids) in the milk and plasma of the offspring, and it was discovered that it is possible to achieve it. This new knowledge is relevant, since, in addition to the existing evidence on the importance of the nutritional environment during fetal life for the correct growth and subsequent health of the offspring, it shows that the recovery of a healthier maternal diet during lactation can prevent , at least in part, metabolic disorders in the offspring caused by poor diet and obesity during the prenatal stages. Obesitat i Nutrició team, led by Andreu Palou and Catalina Picó. Photo: AC/UIB. Chronic pathologies Previous intervention studies in animal models have shown that the intake of an obesogenic diet during the perinatal period affects the function of the mammary gland and, therefore, the composition of the milk, meaning that these alterations can “program” offspring for a greater propensity to develop chronic pathologies in adulthood. Based on this, the researchers found it interesting to study possible intervention strategies during the lactation period to prevent the adverse effects caused by an unbalanced maternal diet during pregnancy, or even earlier. To do this, they analyzed the lipidomic profile to determine the alterations that could be involved with the risk for the offspring to develop diseases in later stages, also analyzing the plasma profile of the offspring in the final stage of lactation. The results of this study showed that maternal consumption of an obesogenic diet throughout the perinatal period (specifically, from one month before pregnancy and during pregnancy and lactation) causes a marked change in the lipid composition of milk and in the plasma of their young at an early age. These alterations were largely reversed both in the milk of mothers who received a balanced diet during lactation and in the plasma of their offspring. The authors of the study, led by Dr. Catalina Picó, are now studying the extent to which these results (obtained in an animal model) can be extrapolated to humans. In any case, they recommend extreme care in feeding during lactation, as a critical period in which it is possible to correct metabolic alterations in the offspring.


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