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The left files two appeals before the Constitutional Council against the laws on purchasing power – Le Monde


Failing to win in Parliament on the defense of purchasing power, the left wants to fight the government before the Constitutional Council. Deputies from the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) filed appeals on Friday, August 5, against the two texts of the legislative package adopted by the National Assembly and the Senate, denouncing measures contrary to “several principles” and constitutional “values”. The institution has one month to decide. The first of these appeals, on the initiative of the entire Nupes, concerns the amending finance bill, approved on Thursday, and against which it voted. Communists, socialists, environmentalists and “rebellious” attack, in a press release, the “monetization of the days of recovery of working time”, considering that the amendment concerned constitutes a “budget rider”. The expression designates a measure that does not relate directly to public finances but is nevertheless included in a finance bill. As such, according to the applicants, it should fall under “the censorship of the Constitutional Council”. Read also: The left and the unions accuse the government and the right of wanting to complete the 35 hours Is also pointed to the “abolition of the audiovisual license fee” since the proposed compensatory financing mechanism, the allocation of part of the VAT, “does not allow, according to them, to ensure the security of the financing of audiovisual establishments”. The deputies generally denounce a law which “disregards the principle of budgetary sincerity because of the chronic and manifest undervaluation of revenue forecasts”. “Common heritage” On the other hand, only the groups La France insoumise and Europe Ecologie-Les Verts have filed a second appeal against the bill on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power, adopted on Wednesday. In a press release sent to Agence France-Presse, they believe that “several provisions of this bill promoting the development of fossil fuels seriously and manifestly undermine the objective, which has constitutional value, of protecting the environment. , the common heritage of human beings”. Read also: Discount on fuel, buyback of RTT, increase in social benefits… Explore the main measures of the laws for purchasing power The text in question mentions among others the possibility of reactivating coal-fired power plants in the event of threat to the security of electricity supply, and the commissioning of an LNG terminal in Le Havre. To denounce these measures, the petitioners base themselves on the Charter of the environment adopted in 2004, integrated since 2005 in the preamble of the Constitution. During the examination of the bill, communists, ecologists and “rebellious” had voted against, but the socialists had abstained. The World with AFP


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