NewsWorldHealth notifies 365 more cases of monkeypox since Tuesday

Health notifies 365 more cases of monkeypox since Tuesday


The Ministry of Health has reported 4,942 confirmed cases of monkeypox this Friday, 365 more than those registered this Tuesday (4,577), but the death toll remains at two, according to data from the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (RENAVE) . The cases come from 17 autonomous communities: Madrid 1,817, Catalonia 1,558, Andalusia 601, Valencian Community 284, Basque Country 130, Canary Islands 118, Balearic Islands 111, Aragon 47, Galicia 71, Asturias 47, Castilla y León 41, Castilla-La Mancha 36 , Murcia 26, Extremadura 21, Cantabria 18, Navarra 12, and La Rioja 4. Of the patients reported on the SiViEs computer platform, a total of 4,863 were men and 79 were women. Regarding age, it ranges between 10 months and 88 years, with a median age of 37 years; shows that the interquartile range is 31-44 years. Among the patients with clinical information, they mainly presented anogenital rash (59.4%), fever (55.1%), rash in other locations (not anogenital or oral-buccal) (51.8%) and lymphadenopathy (50.7 %). A total of 237 patients of the 3,546 (6.9%) presented complications throughout their clinical process. The most frequent were mouth ulcers and secondary bacterial infections. Of the 4,436 patients with available information, 139 cases were hospitalized (2.8%) and two of the cases have died. According to Health, said information has been communicated to the World Health Organization and the European Commission. On the other hand, 3,943 of 4,942 patients with available information were men who have sex with men. Likewise, information is available on the most probable transmission mechanism in 2,287 cases, being in 80.6 percent by close contact in the context of a sexual relationship and in 9.1 percent by close non-sexual contact. In relation to attendance at mass events, of the 3,152 cases with information on this variable, 646 attended an event on the dates prior to the onset of symptoms.


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