NewsWorldWar in Ukraine: "France is an unfriendly state", the...

War in Ukraine: “France is an unfriendly state”, the Kremlin explains why there have been no more appeals – The Independent


The Kremlin explained that France was an “unfriendly” country, and that it is not “necessary” for the two heads of state to discuss for the moment. If at the start of the conflict, Emmanuel Macron spoke regularly on the telephone with Vladimir Poutine, the two men have not spoken since May 28. Dmitri Peskov, Secretary to the Russian President explained this Friday: “Well, first of all, France is an unfriendly state in terms of the actions it takes regarding our country.” Then, he considers that it is not currently “necessary” for the two heads of state to communicate. “They don’t call each other because they don’t think the time is right, and right now it’s just not necessary. If the need arises, they can call each other in a minute”. The dialogue does not seem to be completely broken. These “unfriendly” countries for Russia Speaking of “unfriendly countries”, Russia on Friday adopted a decree prohibiting investors from “unfriendly” countries from selling their stakes in projects related to the energy sector. or in banks, until the end of the year.


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