NewsWorldBayern's goal-scoring machine crushes Eintracht 1-6 - Marca

Bayern’s goal-scoring machine crushes Eintracht 1-6 – Marca


An absolutely intractable Bayern, commanded by an impressive Sadio Man, opened their Bundesliga season with a 1-6 thrashing against Eintracht Frncfort, Real Madrid’s rival in the Super Cup next Wednesday and who practically had no chance to stand up. to the Bavarians.Bundesliga (J1). Summary and goals of Eintracht Frankfurt 1-6 Bayern MunichTotal dominance in the first halfBayern hit fast. Eintracht had a great chance in minute 13, a shot to the crossbar by Tuta after a corner. But it was the first arrival and he was already losing 0-2. Joshua Kimmich had opened the scoring in the 5th minute with a free kick that surprised goalkeeper Kevin Trapp and the entire Eintracht defense, who was expecting a cross and was met with a precise shot to the near post. In the 10th minute, Benjamin Pavard increased the count with a strong shot with his right leg taking advantage of a rebound after a corner kick. Although both goals had come from set pieces, Bayern’s dominance was overwhelming . Eintracht had difficulty getting past the first line of pressure, and when they did, they were often met with dangerous counterattacks. In minute 23 the third was close, when Thomas Müller, hampered by Filip Kostic, finished off the post from a cross from Eintracht. Serge Gnabry from left. In minute 28, Trapp deflected a shot by Jamal Musiala from the half-moon against the crossbar. In minute 29, the third finally came, headed by Man to Gnabry’s center from the left. The penultimate pass, by Kimmich from the center circle, had broken through the Eintrach defense or what was left of it. Bayern had time for the fourth and fifth before the break. In the 35th minute, Musiala scored from close range to Müller’s center from the left in a move that Man had started in the center of the field. In the 43rd minute, after a pass from Müller, Gnabry scored the fifth with a shot inside the area.Second part controlled but one gear less The match was finished. Bayern dedicated themselves to control, slowing down a bit, and Eintracht struggled to make up the result a bit and achieved the discount, in the 64th minute, through Kolo Muani, who took advantage of Manuel Neuer’s carelessness to score after stealing a shot from him. ball out of the box. In the second half, Bayern were slow to shoot on goal until the 73rd minute, when Trapp closed the angle on Man to deflect his shot for a corner kick. Eintracht had a clear improvement compared to the second half. But in minute 83 Musiala made the sixth, with a shot from the edge of the small area to a pass from Leroy San.- Technical sheet:1 – Eintracht: Trapp; Tour, Tuta, Ndicka; Knauff, Sow, Rode (Jakic, m.46), Kostic (Alidou, m.75); Lindström, Gütze; and Borr (Kole Muani, m.46).6 – Bayern: Neuer; Pavard (Mazraoui, m.82), Upamecano, Hernández (De Light, m.82), Davies; Sabitzer (Gravenberch, d.57), Kimmich; Müller (Tel, m.66), Musiala; Gnabry (San, m.66) and Man. Goals: 0-1 (min 5, Kimmich), 0-2 (min 10, Pavard), 0-3 (min 29, Man), 0-4 (min 35, Musiala), 0-5 (min 43, Gnabry), 1-5 (min 64, Kolo Muani), 1-6 (min 83, Musiala) referee: Deniz Eytekin cautions Ndicka, Kostic. Incidents: opening match of the season 2022/2023 of the German Bundesliga played at the Deutsche Bank Park stadium in Frncfort.


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