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Esther Arroyo meets her son by surprise after three years without seeing each other: “We are crazy happy” –


Esther Arroyo revealed in 2019 that her eldest son was moving from Spain to embark on an adventure in the antipodes, provoking conflicting feelings in his mother: joy at seeing her offspring grow up, but sadness at leaving the nest and going so far. far away, I’m excited about his adventure, but I can’t help selfishly feeling tremendous pain. My soul child. Special from head to toe, “commented the actress, as assured by Semana. Fran, the son of the Cadiz , lives in Australia which is 15,000 kilometers away from his mother, and to show her the affection that he professes, he gave her a pleasant surprise with his presence. “My son has come back as a surprise!! I can’t believe it after three years without seeing him. He’s back from Australia. We’re crazy happy, “wrote the presenter in a snapshot where the whole family appears together. Esther did not fit herself with the emotion of seeing her two little ones hugged again, and so he let him know from her to hers more than 93 thousand Instagram followers of her: “My children, two precious souls. They adore and love each other and are friends even with the age difference of thirteen years. This is pure love. With your permission, I faint with emotion and forgiveness if I invade you with my most precious treasures.


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