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Cucurella and the call from Eibar that changed his life: from 2 to 68 million euros – Marca


Marc Cucurella is worth 68 million euros or at least that is what is said that Chelsea will pay Brighton for his signing. Four years ago, Marc Cucurella was one more of those homegrown players who from time to time showed up at the training sessions of the Barcelona first team. Little more. Riqui Puig, Miranda, Carles Prez or Abel Ruiz were the ones who monopolized the praise in the inferiors of the Barça club and the winger was still waiting for that opportunity that never came. Listen to the 5th episode: In a matter of two hours and a couple of meetings, Cucurella took a turn in his life that over time opened the doors to what he could be: the second most sought-after Spanish player in history after Kepa. The end of the 2018 summer market was approaching and, suddenly, Eibar appeared in the life of the now-listed player. The sports management of the Gipuzkoan club, with Fran Garagarza at the helm, proposed to Mendilibar to reinforce the left side. Everything was about to change. Two names on the table: Daniel Lasure and Marc Cucurella, Zaragoza and Barcelona B players. It wasn’t easy for the former, but he overcame all the problems to continue in the mao team. The second is about to make history in the world of football. “We believed that the team needed something more. Cote was there, but we thought we needed to strengthen the position. Mendilibar knew both of them and the choice was quick,” says Garagarza. As was the negotiation with Barcelona. Assignment with option to buy for two million euros and repurchase of the Catalan club for four. Everyone happy. “His behavior was exemplary at all times. A side arrived with work, arrival and with the ability to look for the decisive pass and find the partner. He was fast, with good handling of the ball, he had everything… except experience. It didn’t matter “, Says the former Eibar sports director. Given how much he could contribute, Mendilibar decided to place Cucurella ahead of the full-back so that he could contribute everything he already showed in the reserves. From the first moment he fitted in wonderfully and his performance grew non-stop. “He’s a kid who’s neither fast nor strong… In all those measurements that we make with so many machines that we have, he doesn’t fit into any measurement. I don’t care about him.” signatures never. But he is a footballer, very smart, he chooses well… that’s Marc Cucurella”, praised Mendilibar at a press conference. Eibar took very little time to make use of the purchase clause, like Barcelona to exercise the repurchase option. The armory team saw how the player’s performance was more than remarkable in the 31 league games he played, helping Eibar to finish in the middle of the table and generating a capital gain of two million euros. In the summer of 2019, Barcelona repeated the operation with Cucurella, in this case to Getafe in exchange for ten million, which went up to 18.5 million last summer market, just when Ángel Torres closed the transfer to Brighton. In his first year in the Premier League he has convinced everyone, so much so that Chelsea is willing to reach 68 million euros. Perhaps this spectacular growth of a recently turned 24-year-old player would not have taken place if, in the summer of 2018, Fran Garagarza had not done his usual fieldwork before negotiating any transfer, that is, meeting the footballer in question and realizing that he was dealing with a professional in the broadest sense of the word.


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