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today 13:06 | They messed it up with two mistakes in the first half, after which their promotion dream can definitely disappear. One loss of the ball and one bad entry of the player brought the Polish Raków Čenstochová a valuable advance match point and for which everyone in the cabin is unanimously questioning their conscience. Also read the VIDEO: Paper prerequisites were fulfilled in Trnava. Spartak has it in Europe… Spartak Trnava failed to take advantage of the home environment in the meeting of the 3rd preliminary round of the UEFA European Conference League and travels to the rematch with Raków with an unpleasant result of 0:2. It was born already in the first half, when first the Spaniard Ivan López got his way from an obvious offside situation, and the same player increased the lead of the Polish club shortly before the end of the first half with a precise strike from the penalty spot. photo gallery Dominik Takáč, FC Spartak Trnava Source: / Lukáš Grinaj He “dodged” for the first goal, missed the second goal by centimeters. One of the sad heroes of the match was the goalkeeper Dominik Takáč, who during the match was able to cope brilliantly with several dangerous situations. but, unfortunately, he came up short with Częstochowa’s two goals. “We lost the ball unnecessarily, which we cannot afford with such an opponent,” he commented on the first goal in Trnava’s net, “when they win the ball after pressing, they are really good and they showed it to us as well. So there was a loss of the ball, a lost fight, somehow they threw it over and I don’t even know how López finished it.” “Maybe he didn’t even touch it. As if I ‘dodged’ him. I went to the ground, as we are taught, that we should cover the lower part of the goal, but he somehow skillfully lifted it and it jumped into the goal,” sighed Takač, who after about a quarter of an hour later was just watching as a 28-year-old The Spaniard celebrates the second goal after changing the eleven. “He kicked it perfectly, but if the terrain was a little more wet, which I certainly don’t want to talk about… but I totally felt how it slowed me down. It was burning me. Really, if it was a little more slippery, I might have pulled it out, because there were only centimeters missing,” stated the young goalkeeper of Spartak. photo gallery Martin Bukata, FC Spartak Trnava Source: / Lukáš Grinaj Unlucky Bukata apologized Another unfortunate player in the Trnava jersey was midfielder Martin Bukata, who had a hand in both goals. Before the first, Raków took possession of the ball after his failed backhand, the second was caused by Mateusz Wdowiak’s bad tackle, after which the Croatian referee Igor Pajac pointed to the white spot. “I should have kicked the ball. I wanted to make up for it somehow, but they took it from us, combined it and punished us a little with luck. The second goal was scored after a penalty that I caused. I would like to apologize for that. I’m sorry,” the 28-year-old native of Košice regretted and returned to the penalty from the very end of the first half: “The ball unfortunately bounced to their player and I had no chance to jump ahead of him. Maybe I could have foreseen it better, been there earlier and somehow avoided him, but he tripped over me. I’m sorry.” photo gallery FC Spartak Trnava players Source: / Lukáš Grinaj The plan is clear – to score a quick first goal Trnava is in a very disadvantageous position before the rematch. Raków has recorded and will be able to rely on the support of crowded home stands. Basically, it is enough for the Polish vice-champion to control the match safely, not to let the Spartak footballers have a word, and comfortably make it to the play-offs for participation in the European Conference League group. However, the players of the reigning Slovnaft Cup winner do not plan to throw the flint in the hay. Although everyone is well aware that they are in a very difficult position, they are still going to fight for a chance. Even if very small. “First of all, we have to look at the next match, which awaits us on Sunday, and especially analyze everything properly. We have to change something. But we will have to score as quickly as possible to have at least some chance to do something with the match,” thought goalkeeper Takač, who also admitted that Trnava will have to work on improving efficiency. Also read the VIDEO: Trnava was apparently damaged. Michal Gašparík evaluated the promotion chances… “We talk about it after every match. There are plenty of chances, maybe we didn’t have any lined up now, but with a bit of luck it could be reflected there. We probably have to push ourselves even harder, and sooner or later it will come that we too will score two or three goals and finally we too will be happy,” claims the 23-year-old Slovakian representative and added: “It’s a shame that we didn’t score at least one goal. because it would be easier in the rematch.” Stopper Lukáš Štetina came very close to that when he jumped into the air on the back post in the 55th minute and headed the ball into the goal from close range. Goalkeeper Kacper Trelowski ruined everything with a quick save. “I was running at the back post and I honestly didn’t even believe that their goalkeeper would be able to stop it. I think I hit it really well. It went straight to the post, but he managed to move very well. It’s a great pity, because it would have been 1:2 and it would have been easier for us in the rematch,” thinks the stopper of the home team. photo gallery Lukáš Štetina, FC Spartak Trnava Source: / Lukáš Grinaj “The situation is solvable, even if it will be very difficult. A contact goal early in the game would mean a lot. Then it would be more open and they would definitely notice and understand that we simply came there to play something,” Štetina said. “Raków punished two of our mistakes. We are very sorry because it is not a good result for the second leg. We will do our best. We will go there with the aim of scoring some goals and we will do everything we can to turn the game around. It’s a big shame, because I don’t think we deserved to lose 0:2,” added Martin Bukata. The rematch of the 3rd preliminary round of the UEFA European Conference League between Raków České Budějovice and Spartak Trnava is scheduled for Thursday, August 11 at 6:00 p.m. at the Raków City Football Stadium.


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