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Once the “acute phase” of the pandemic is over, persistent covid continues to be the great problem facing a humanity that has been massively exposed to a new pathogen full of unknowns. The international consensus defines persistent covid as a set of “symptoms that last at least 2 months and cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis” to that of having suffered from the new coronavirus, including childhood. Now, a Dutch team has published an exhaustive compilation revised of the most reported symptoms of persistent covid among those who suffered from the disease between March 2020 and April 2021. In that period, they saw that up to 12.7% of the people who contracted the disease in that period had at least one compatible symptom. Sequelae of coronavirus (such as pulmonary fibrosis) must be distinguished from persistent covid (more unspecific). A quarter have one of two things. Specifically, they suffered persistent covid up to eight months later in the form of: fatigue, chest or breathing pain, muscular or skeletal discomfort or pain, tingling, chills and loss of smell or taste. The so-called ‘brain fog’ or headaches also appear. Of course, the majority say they see their symptoms of persistent covid stabilized after three months, although a good part of them do not remit, even if they do not go any further, 21% had a symptom of persistent covid that they did not have before The study, carried out by researchers at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), compares data from 4,231 participants ever diagnosed with covid and 8,462 uninfected participants. They analyzed twenty clinical manifestations and their intensity. Longer breastfeeding prevents obesity in mice 21.4% had at least one new or more intense symptom three to five months after testing positive for covid, compared to how they felt before diagnosis. This didn’t happen as often in the control group: 8.7% of uninfected people had persistent covid-like symptoms. This suggests one in eight covid patients continue to experience some long-term symptom. “Data reporting the scale and extent of long-term symptoms experienced by some patients after COVID-19 illness is urgently needed. ″, highlights Judith Rosmalen (University of Groningen) and lead author of the study. “Most of the previous research on persistent covid has not looked at the frequency of these symptoms in people who have not been diagnosed with covid or looked at the symptoms of individual patients before diagnosis.” In line with other studiesIn Spain, the project Ciberpostcovid (ISCIII) focuses on symptoms that do not subside three months after infection. In Spain, the most frequent are usually systemic (very general), neurocognitive (such as brain fog), cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, psychological and psychiatric. In this case, an exhaustive count has not been made, as in the Netherlands, but tables and definitions are compiled. What if the worst climate scenario were given? The Dutch authors acknowledge limitations in the study. It only had infected with the original and alpha variants. On the other hand, there are so many asymptomatic people that the presence of covid in this study may be underestimated (it may also be that there are not so many people with persistent covid, since people who were never properly diagnosed have been able to enter the control group). On the other hand, most of the data was collected before the vaccination campaign. The cattle population sample was too small to analyze. There are contradictory studies on whether or not vaccination is capable of alleviating the symptoms of persistent covid.


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