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Barça’s saddest anniversary: ​​one year since Messi’s goodbye – Marca


Today, August 5, marks a sad anniversary for Barcelona fans. MARCA revealed just a year ago that Leo Messi, against all odds, would not continue at the Camp Nou. It was the news that no one wanted to read or comment on. No one was prepared to take it on. But throughout the day it was confirmed. The Argentine star could not continue in the locker room because his continuity was not economically viable. A year later, the Catalan stands continue to regret his departure, but now they do not rule out and maintain the illusion of his return and a farewell in style. On August 5, 2021, a statement was planned with the renewal of the Argentine international, but MARCA gave exclusively that, on the contrary, Messi would not continue. After many weeks of talks between the two parties and when everything seemed to indicate that the union was maintained, the club transferred the player who could not renew him. The albiceleste acknowledged, three days later at a farewell press conference, that he was shocked. “It’s the most difficult moment of my sports career. When they told me, I blocked it. It was a jug of cold water. I’ve had hard and difficult moments, but this one… I feel very sad, I didn’t expect it. I was always I feel sadness. I’m still assimilating it. I don’t know about Bara, but I did everything I could to continue. He lowered my record halfway. I wanted to stay. Last year I had decided, but not this year. And nobody He asked me for nothing else. It couldn’t be done. Everything was arranged, but because of the LaLiga issue it wasn’t done. The club has a very large debt and doesn’t want to get into more debt,” he commented, through tears, in his sad farewell. Messi breaks to cry before speaking: his full farewell speech to Bara El Bara could not, for strictly economic reasons, keep the attacker in the locker room: his continuity was not viable because it exceeded financial fair play. LaLiga did not allow it: the numbers did not add up. Barcelona fans had to say goodbye, suddenly, to the best player in its entire history, to the footballer who had defended his colors for 21 years, 17 seasons in the First Division, and had lifted 35 titles. The most successful, the man of records and magical cartoon football, would wear another shirt: the worst nightmare would come true. A great goal from Messi certifies the tenth Ligue 1 title for PSGEnjoy Barcelona and Messi, who joined PSG, but their paths may cross again. It doesn’t seem easy, but there is a possibility. The crack’s relationship with Laporta and his Board are not very good, but the stands are excited by the words of the president of the last week. “It is an aspiration that I have as president and I would like it to happen, I have been co-responsible for that ending that I consider provisional. Messi’s stage at Bara did not end as we all wanted, it ended very conditioned by economic reasons and we have a moral debt, in In this sense, we would like the end of his career to be with the Bara shirt and applauded by the fields to which he goes”, said the maximum president. Laporta’s “moral debt” with Messi and his plan to return Messi has a contract with PSG until June 2023, with the option of one more campaign. In the French team, last season, he participated in 33 games and scored 11 goals. At 35, he is still one of the best players in the world and they miss him in the dressing room and in the stands at the Camp Nou. The team, Xavi, the fans… they miss his goals, his passes, his dribbles… and, ultimately, his magic on the pitch. The club has had to scratch its pockets well in the last winter market and this summer to make up for his absence and sign offensive talent to compensate for his departure. Today marks one year since his goodbye, a march that still hurts and has not healed, but Bara sees its future with more optimism today, due to the signings made and the possibility that Messi will wear Barça again. Pedri: “Of course I miss Messi”


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