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Felipe VI opens the Marivent Palace to civil society despite the boycott of Armengol’s partners


Updated Thursday, August 4, 2022 – 21:29The reception, with more than 400 guests, was held for the first time at the King and Queen’s summer residence in Palma de Mallorca King Felipe VI and Letizia (c), accompanied by Queen Sofía .EFEPolitics Public officials of Podemos and nationalism stand up to the King and refuse to go to the reception in Marivent Monarqua The King imposes his authority on the Emeritus: neither another return nor rumors A trickle of buses passed through the entrance door from eight in the afternoon of Marivent in an unusual image. For the first time, the reception of the Balearic civil society was held at the summer residence of the King and Queen, in what meant the opening of the palace to the people. So on the esplanade in front of the construction that Doa Sofa now lives alone -the King and Queen are installed in Son Vent, another of the complex’s buildings-, under the incessant sound of the cicadas, 16 tables with white tablecloths awaited the guests. . Don Felipe and Doa Letizia appeared there to welcome the more than 400 guests to this ceremony that is organized for the seventh year and already without restrictions after the break due to Covid. The Kings wanted to resume the appointment with a change: to do it in Marivent instead of La Almudaina. Like every year, the first to greet Don Felipe and Doa Letizia were the authorities headed by Francina Armengol. They were followed by representatives of different groups. The Royal House had invited the Ramn Llul 2020-2022 awards: Nuria Pradas, Gerard Quintana and Empar Moliner. Also invited were the architect Elas Torres, the writer María Antonia Oliver, Gold Medals of the Illes 2022, and Pablo Erroz, the designer of the skirt that the Queen premiered at the Valldemossa charterhouse. There was no shortage of big businessmen from the island, representatives of the unions, tourism and the world of culture. There were also invitations for personalities from science, social organisations, foundations, athletes, musicians, cooks, health workers, religious… The House also had members of the Balearic aristocracy, who mingled with civil protection personnel and local designers. some fixed faces, the bulk of the attendees debut each year at this reception in order to receive the largest number of people. Over the years, the appointment has increased in guests, from 200 in the first year to 600 in 2019, in an example of the decision of the Royal House to be able to welcome the largest possible number of people to the Palace. This Thursday more than 400 were expected. Everyone tasted a cocktail served by Santi Taura, one of the most renowned chefs in the Balearic Islands and who designed a menu with organic sobrassada or cod gilda. The person in charge of providing food varies each year, by decision of the King. Majorcan bread toast with organic sobrassada La Granada, mini aubergine pie Crunchy joint of spicy tuna tartare Mini Majorcan fish empanadas Corn tacos and black pork suckling pig Red prawn with rice and fried eggMini cocas of old wheat and trampGuild of cod, tomatoes and piparrasSeafood ceviche in your kitchenAt half past nine at night a hand kiss began that lasted for several minutes. Don Felipe and Doa Letizia were the hosts and Queen Sofía joined them in the line of greetings, standing to the left of Doa Letizia. This Thursday was the first opportunity to photograph Queen Sofía in Mallorca. Despite the fact that the mother of Felipe VI arrived on the island around July 20, she has not made any public outing. It was also the third appearance of Doa Letizia, who since last Monday she made the excursion through Valldemossa she had not been photographed again. The Queen, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía have made private plans these days that have not transpired while Felipe VI has appeared daily. The invitation to the reception indicated that men should wear a suit and women should wear a short dress. Don Felipe once again wore a tie despite the 29 degree temperature with 65% humidity in Marivent. Queen Doa Letizia opted for a green-printed coral dress with bare shoulders by the Ibizan designer Charo Ruiz. Doa Sofía for gray pants and a blouse. In recent days there have been gestures from some local leaders of Catalan nationalism and from a group of prominent members of Podemos with positions in the institutions that have openly rejected their assistance. In addition, dressing up his sit-in for the King, airing it on social networks and sticking out his chest before his followers for slamming the door. This is the case, for example, of the leader of the nationalist party Ms and councilor of the Palma City Council, Neus Truyol, who just received his invitation (the political positions had it days before other representatives of civil society) and he posted it on his social networks advancing his refusal to attend. No, thanks, he spread. I decline the invitation from the Royal House because of my deep republican conviction. Truyol also indicated that a head of state chosen by genetics and not by popular will is not acceptable, adding that Marivent should be for the people. The councilor of Palma has not been the only person who has publicly rejected the monarchical invitation sent in response to his public office. It has also been done, to name others, by the vice president of the Consell de Mallorca, Aurora Ribot, from United We Can. This counselor also showed her crossed-out invitation with the word rejected, expressing her opposition to attending the event. Because we are republicans, because we say no to corruption and because we demand an investigation into King Juan Carlos I, the Mallorcan policy has been publicly explained. The Minister of Mobility, Ivn Sevillano, and the spokeswoman for Podemos in that same institution have also joined to the plant Of course they will not attend, declared Sevillano, who considers it shameful that in the 21st century they want us to pay homage to a head of state elected by fertilization. Parliamentarians of the purple formation such as Alejandro López or the vice president of the Balearic Parliamentary Chamber, Gloria Santiago, also refused to attend the event. According to the criteria of The Trust Project Learn more


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