In Italy, the right and the 5 Star Movement bring down Mario Draghi – Le Figaro

Three government parties refused on Wednesday to place their trust in the President of the Italian Council during a vote in the Senate, forcing him to leave power. RomeIt is a drama of power in several acts that has been playing out for several days in Rome. Since the resignation of Mario Draghi a week ago, refused by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who then asked him to come and explain himself on July 20 before Parliament and demanded that he request a vote of confidence, l italy is hanging on the question of whether the Draghi government will be able to continue its work until the next elections in the spring of 2023. Or whether, confirming his resignation, the Italians will be called to snap elections in early October, seven months earlier than planned, while seven out of ten want the legislature to come to an end. The concern is such that it is prompting calls not only from European chancelleries, but also from all over Italy. Including, for the first time in history, nearly 2,000 mayors who, of all tendencies, expressly ask Mario Draghi to stay. seemed to be found, Wednesday morning, between the parties of the majority for the maintenance of the Draghi government, without the Five Star Movement (M5S), responsible for the crisis, the crazy day was the occasion for a new twist: we expected an ultimatum from the M5S, but it was the centre-right which, offended by the harshness of the speech of the President of the Council towards him, laid down his conditions to bring him his support. Ultimately, the right and the M5S having abstained on the vote in favor of maintaining the government, Mario Draghi was forced to resign and had to go to the Quirinal on Thursday morning to do so. For five days, Mario Draghi, who on 14 July, was determined to resign, was waiting for a “significant political gesture” to allow himself the possibility of changing his mind. He wanted confirmation that he was supported by a very large majority, ranging from right to left. And expected a formal commitment from the parties to continue the action launched 17 months ago. Apart from the Democratic Party (PD) and the centrists, unfailing allies of Draghi, neither the League and its ally Forza Italia nor the M5S had discovered their cards on Wednesday morning. Each claiming to still wait for Draghi’s speech in the Senate to decide. “The will to move forward together has faded” But it is anger that surfaces Wednesday in the voice of Mario Draghi when he addresses the elected officials: he recalls the enormous work done over the past 17 months. “The credit for these results goes to you, thanks to your willingness to put aside your differences and work for the good of the country… Italy is strong when it knows how to be united,” he said. “Unfortunately, explains he, over the months, with the distancing of the parties and their division… the will to move forward together has faded, and with it the ability to act effectively. He believes “that to ignore the refusal to vote for the confidence of the M5S… would amount to ignoring Parliament”. However, he adds to warn the League: “We cannot ignore it, because anyone could start again”. And Draghi chooses not to silence any of the angry subjects, directly designating those responsible for the disunity: “The reforms of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the cadastre and the beach concessions have shown a progressive fraying of the majority on the modernization of the country”. So many measures that have seriously undermined the M5S and the League. He also denounces their “attempts to weaken the government’s support for Ukraine, to weaken our opposition to President Putin’s project”. Finally, he recalls the demands of the League, whose “calls for the continuation of indebtedness have multiplied at the very time when the need to ensure the sustainability of the debt was the strongest”. And points to the inconsistencies of the M5S: “It is not possible to say that we want energy security for Italians and at the same time to protest against this infrastructure”. In short, he spares no one, except the Democratic Party, which has never questioned his confidence. And announces the color: he intends to make all the reforms, including the most unpopular, such as the questioning of seaside concessions or the liberalization of taxis, against which the League has been fighting for several months. SEE ALSO – Italy: Mario Draghi announces his resignation, the President of the Republic refuses it”Rebuilding a pact”At the end, however, Mario Draghi extends a hand to everyone: “The only way, if we still want to stay together, is to rebuild this pact from the beginning , with courage, disinterestedness, credibility”. He speaks of a large majority, without defining it. His new program, of which he outlines the main lines, “requires a really strong and coherent government and a Parliament which accompanies it with conviction”. “Italy does not need cosmetic confidence, which disappears in the face of inconvenient measures. It needs a new pact of trust, sincere and concrete, like the one that has allowed us to change the country for the better so far, ”he adds. To read also Marc Lazar: “A dissolution of Parliament Italian is very likely” Finally, putting them face to face with their responsibilities, he challenges them: “The parties and you, the parliamentarians, are you ready to rebuild this pact? Are you ready to confirm this effort that you made in the first months, and which then faded? We are here today, in this hemicycle, because and only because the Italians asked for it. You don’t have to give the answer to these questions to me, but you have to give it to all Italians.” But after the speech, it’s a clash: the League refrains from applauding. Its leader, Matteo Salvini, who resented the harsh tone of the President of the Council and the accusations of which he was the direct object, prevented his troops from showing support. The leaders of the right meet at Silvio Berlusconi’s, via Appia antica, south of Rome, to discuss the response to be given. And it is rumored that the right will refuse to trust him. “It’s the day of the last judgment”, says, on the chains, the senator Maurizio Lupi, of the League. He says aloud what everyone thinks to himself: “Is this Parliament still capable of working together? “, while no community of views emerges from the statements of the senators. It will be important to identify those who opened a crisis in a totally irresponsible wayStefano Ceccanti, deputy and constitutionalistThe leader of the League group, Massimiliano Romeo, in a very virulent intervention, issues a direct ultimatum to Mario Draghi: he demands a “government of discontinuity”, without the M5S, deeply renovated and on a new program of action. And suggests that he remain in office until the arrival of a new government after the elections. Shortly after, the publication of a centre-right resolution confirms that this is indeed the position of the right, even if the Forza Italia ministers are against the ultimatum. And that she will only vote for her resolution, and no other. The right is therefore scrolling. The tension is extreme, and Draghi leaves the hemicycle. And the Palazzo Chigi lets filter that Draghi opposes a radical niet to the demands of the right. But that he will not make a decision before the parliamentarians vote on the resolutions. After countless interventions by senators, Mario Draghi gives his answer at the end of the afternoon. It is brief. It is tense, and only brings some answers to the criticisms of the various senators. But he summarizes the situation: “I could have come to confirm my resignation without asking for a vote. But the unprecedented mobilization of the whole country pushed me to propose a majority pact”. And asks them to vote for confidence on the resolution proposed by Senator Casini, who asks that Draghi continue his mandate. “If we withdraw confidence, nothing will be as before,” warned Matteo Renzi who, visionary, announces the bursting of the left and the right. At 7 p.m. on Wednesday, the senators were called to vote, stating their position. With only 95 votes in favor of maintaining the government for 38 against and a majority of abstentions, Mario Draghi ultimately had very little support. He did not wait for the result, and quickly left the hemicycle. He will go to the Presidency of the Republic on Thursday, which should consult the Presidents of the Chamber before dissolving Parliament and calling elections for October 2. “If everyone abstained so as not to take responsibility for the fall of the government, it will be important to identify those who opened a crisis in a totally irresponsible way”, commented the constitutionalist Stefano Ceccanti.SEE ALSO – Italy : Draghi seeks new trust ‘pact’ for government to survive

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