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War in Ukraine: missiles fired from Belarus towards a border region northeast of kyiv


kyiv accuses Moscow of wanting to “draw” Minsk “into the war” while its army reports a massive bombardment in the area, on the night of Friday to Saturday. Missiles were fired from Belarus, a diplomatic ally of Moscow, towards the Cherniguiv border region in Ukraine, northeast of kyiv, the Ukrainian army said on Saturday. “Around 5 a.m. (2 a.m. GMT), the Cherniguiv region came under massive missile bombardment. Twenty rockets targeted the village of Desna, fired from the territory of Belarus (and also) from the air”, indicated on Facebook the Northern command of the Ukrainian troops, specifying that “there were no victims” in this stage. “An infrastructure was affected,” said the Ukrainian army, without indicating whether it was military or not. Read alsoThe fractures of the war in Ukraine told in a bus According to Ukrainian intelligence, “six Tu-22M3 planes fired 12 cruise missiles from the town of Petrykaw”, in southern Belarus. “The bombers took off from Chaïkovka airport in the Kaluga region (west) in Russia”, 270 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border. “They then entered Belarusian airspace. After launching the missiles, they returned to Russia,” he said. In addition to Desna, a small village of 7,500 inhabitants 70 km north of kyiv, the Russians hit targets “in the regions of kyiv and Sumy” (northeast). For kyiv, Moscow wants to “draw Belarus into the war” This strike comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko are to meet on Saturday in Saint Petersburg in Russia, before a visit to Belarus by the head of diplomacy Russian Sergei Lavrov. kyiv reacted by accusing Moscow of wanting to “draw” Minsk, Russia’s diplomatic ally, “into the war” in Ukraine. “Today’s strike is directly linked to the Kremlin’s efforts to draw Belarus into the war in Ukraine as a co-belligerent,” the Ukrainian General Intelligence Directorate, attached to the Defense Ministry, said on Telegram. Although not belligerent in the conflict with Ukraine at this stage, Belarus served as logistical support for Moscow’s troops, especially in the first weeks of the Russian offensive. The country, led by Lukashenko since 1994, is widely targeted by Western sanctions also taken against Russia. SEE ALSO – “There will be famine”: in Ukraine, the fear of a new Holodomor


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