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The state wants to give each teacher 500 euros in September – Denník N


In September, the state wants to pay one-time 500 euros to all public employees, including teachers, for a total aid of 200 million euros. The article, presented by Eduard Heger and Igor Matovič at the press conference, does not concern paramedics or soldiers, for example. The prime minister said that with this offer they are going to negotiate with the unions next week. “If someone says we’re not doing anything, they’re grossly lying,” Heger said. He does not want to say where Matovič will get these 200 million from. “The funds will be properly covered, they will be extraordinary resources that I do not have in my budget today, but I will not make it a public issue, people do not deserve to be held hostage.” By the end of the week, Matovič also wants to present a plan for increasing the salaries of teachers and other public administration employees for next year. “We are aware that the negotiations also cover the years 2023 and 2024,” Heger said. The one-off offer of EUR 500 must be seen in the context of an overall increase in public salaries. The government is apparently trying to repeat the trick from last year, when it agreed with the unions a one-time 350 euros and a salary increase of only three percent. From the point of view of the budget, it is also advantageous to negotiate one-off remuneration, because the further raising of salaries is based on relatively lower basic salaries. The higher the one-off benefit, the lower the permanent salary growth agreed as a percentage. At the press conference, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance did not say by what percentage they will propose an increase in salaries in the public sphere. Both Heger and Matovic apologize to the people for their turbulent discussions. They want to look for an agreement behind closed doors and not transmit quarrels to the public. Heger said they have been discussing this for several weeks and the discussion will continue. “The fact that one party does not go to the coalition council is a sign of a whipped emotion, but we want to find an agreement, we are now bringing a solution for this year,” said Heger, who said it was important for the coalition to rule by the end of the term.


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