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It is definitely. Russia and Belarus will not participate in the World Hockey Championships for another year –


HELSINKI. The Russians and Belarusians will not participate in the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere, Finland, and Riga, Latvia. The International Hockey Federation (IIHF) has decided to do so. The IIHF Council has excluded both teams this year in response to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, which is also supported by Belarus. The penalty applies to all Russian and Belarusian national teams in all ages and in all IIHF competitions. The exclusion is valid until further notice.Tardif: We believed that the situation would improveOriginally, the World Cup 2023 was to take place in St. Petersburg, but the city in which Slovakia won its first medal, the IIHF has long since removed its organizing powers. . Russia and Belarus will no longer participate in our tournaments, “IIHF chief Luc Tardif told a news conference in Tampere.” We believed that the situation would improve, we waited as long as possible. But no change has come, “Tardif noted. The situation will be reconsidered by the IIHF Council in September, but the current verdict should be final. According to the Russians, there are no legal reasons to exclude countries from world events, the Belarusians criticize the federation for deciding under pressure from other federations and are about to appeal. brought several reactions to this verdict. “Without us, the World Cup is a real waste. World hockey has lost a lot in our absence. IIHF chief Luc Tardif has also stated without hesitation that the absence of such a large country is not good for big tournaments. but the pressure from the US, the UK, Sweden and Finland is very strong, “two-time Olympic winner Alexander Kozevnikov told Russia Today. Well-known Russian journalist Vladimir Pozner said he was not surprised by the IIHF decision. “Unfortunately, sport, like many other things, depends on politics. We all know this very well, it has always been here, there is nothing new in it. Unpleasant, of course, but largely expected,” said Pozner. TASS quotes the daughter of legendary coach Anatoly Tarasov and former figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova: “Nobody needs such hockey, they will kill him without the participation of Russia. Of course, we must defend our rights.” of the world in hockey


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