NewsWorldPascal Dupraz (AS Saint-Étienne): "The team must break free"...

Pascal Dupraz (AS Saint-Étienne): “The team must break free” – L’É


Mangala (ASSE defender): “Not to play 0-0” “It’s the match of the season. We know what is at stake. Everything is positive after the first leg. The most important thing will be emotional management. After a difficult season, the nervous plays. It will therefore be necessary to be very positive during the match. We must not forget that we will play with the support of our public. If we don’t concede, we will be maintained. It will therefore be necessary to defend well, but not to play 0-0 either. I appeal to the supporters who will be at the stadium. They must be with us. When a whole stadium pushes you, it helps, from a mental point of view. It gives you wings. Everything is a set. »


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