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Luttwak: “Netanyahu career over, those who support Hamas support Hitler”


Israel against Gaza, Netanyahu against Hamas. A “classic military confrontation”. And if the political career of the Israeli prime minister is “over”, the movement that controls the Strip is made up of “Islamist fanatics” comparable to “Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin”, while those in Italy who support the positions of Hamas support ” serial killers “and” they would do well to get on the tram tracks and wait for him. ” Thus in an interview with Adnkronos Edward Luttwak, US political scientist and economist, observes the new escalation in the Middle East and does not spare cutting judgments towards both sides. Commenting on a possible entry of Israeli troops into the Gaza Strip, in light of the later denied rumors that ran after each other yesterday evening, Luttwak claims that “for the moment” the Israeli artillery, navy and air force are managing to hit numerous rocket deposits and as long as these objectives continue to be achieved “there is no reason to send troops”. The political scientist, who estimates the arsenal of Hamas at “50 thousand rockets” and believes that it was built “thanks to the money of the Iranian people “, argues that as long as the raids prove effective, they will continue without the green light for a ground operation, which would cause” more victims “. “Personally – he specifies – I am not in favor of sending ground troops if other actions prove effective. But this arsenal must be destroyed.” According to Luttwak, herald a ground operation and send tanks and infantry units to the barrier with Gaza is part of a strategy to “induce Hamas militiamen to enter the tunnels, which are then bombed. So once they decide to send troops they will find the militiamen outside the tunnels” and can inflict more casualties on them. The political scientist, underlining that “the international community supports the Palestinian government”, declares that “this attack by Hamas is an attack on the PA, to show them that they are real heroes who challenge Israel”. For Luttwak, it is a “political rivalry” that sees “two ideologies opposed, one Islamist the other rationalist”. Luttwak then analyzes the political situation in Israel highlighting a “political stalemate” which, in his view, “concerns in reality many countries with parliamentary systems, where today there are weak coalitions and great difficulties in forming governments “. On the contrary, says the professor, “the Italians have decided to abandon the democratic method, to bring out a person, first Monti now Draghi, and make him head of the leaders, with all who align themselves and obey”, while “in democratic countries where they insist on having elected leaders, it is not possible to create a government “. The political scientist believes that Benjamin Netanyahu’s political cycle is” over “and that not even a conflict can” benefit him “and give him the strength to create a solid government. “His political career is over, no one supports him but the last loyalists in his party”, he says, indicating however that there are personalities “like Bennett and Gantz who are qualified and capable of directing the situation”. Professor reserves them for Hamas, a movement that has “the declared aim of destroying the State of Israel. Supporting the Palestinians in general is perfectly legitimate, supporting Hamas means supporting serial killers or Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot”, he urges. “A those who asked to organize elections in Gaza put a hood on his head and killed him. Hamas is a government that terrifies the people of Gaza and which, if it goes to the vote, would take 14%. they are Italians who support Hamas should get on the tram tracks and wait for him “, he concludes.



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