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LIVE – Shooting in Texas: the governor believes that the killing of Uvalde was committed by “a crazy person” – BFMTV


21:19Attacked by Biden, the pro-arms NRA lobby denounces “the act of an isolated and deranged criminal” the act of an isolated and deranged criminal”. US President Joe Biden, “disgusted and tired” by these repeated shootings, had launched Tuesday evening: “When, for the love of God, are we going to face the lobby weapons?” 20:04 The governor of Texas points the responsibility for “mental health problems”During the press conference which he held this Wednesday concerning the killing of Uvalde, the governor of Texas Greg Abbott employed the argument put forward by the arms lobby across the Atlantic, according to which the responsibility for the mass killings is the responsibility of mental health problems in certain communities. “We have a mental health problem in this community”, he said. he explained, citing law enforcement. “I want to make sure everyone understands that mental health services are available.” At no time did Greg Abbott cite possible gun regulation in the country. 7:55 PM Democrat Beto O’Rourke interrupts Texas Governor’s Press ConferenceAs the Governor of Texas spoke about the Uvalde killings, Democratic politician Beto O’Rourke interrupted the press conference. “You’re not doing anything to stop these killings,” did he declare. He was then pushed out.Beto O’Rourke had run in the Democratic primary to be the party’s candidate in the 2020 presidential election. had no identified mental health problem” Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of the State of Texas, indicated at a press conference on Wednesday “that there was no warning, message, who prevented this crime”. Regarding the alleged 18-year-old shooter, “there was no identified mental health problem”. He nevertheless specified that the shooter had announced on Facebook that he was going to “open fire in an elementary school” shortly before committing his crime. “Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, is speaking from Uvalde, where the killings took place that killed 21 people on Tuesday. Evil was seen yesterday, anyone who kills someone must have evil in their heart”, he first said. Then to add: “all Texans are in mourning, alongside the inhabitants of Uvalde, and the people are right to be angry”. For the governor, a fervent defender of the carrying of weapons, the killer was “a crazy person”. where the killing of Uvalde took place. The details of this visit are still unknown, as are the places where Joe Biden will go. 4:50 p.m. The shooter legally bought his weapons and ammunition of the State of Texas, John Whitmire, the alleged shooter of the shooting which killed 21 people in Texas on Tuesday, legally bought his weapons and ammunition on May 17 and 20. The elected official, relying on the remarks law enforcement, also reported that on May 18, the suspect also purchased hundreds of carto uches. During the shooting, it appears that the alleged shooter dropped a backpack with several magazines filled with ammunition near the entrance to the school. In a tweet published at the end of the afternoon, that is to say in the early hours of the day in the United States, the president of the United States Joe Biden once again returned to the need to legislate on access to weapons , in the aftermath of the Texas massacre. “We know that common sense gun laws cannot and will not prevent all tragedies. But we know they work and have a positive impact. When we passed the assault weapons ban – mass shootings went down. When the law expired – the mass shootings tripled,” he wrote. He had already raised the subject on Tuesday, only hours after the tragedy. “Pope Francis said he was “heartbroken” on Wednesday after the shooting that left 22 dead at an elementary school in Texas, including the killer, and denounced the “uncontrolled” arms trade. “I am heartbroken by the massacre at an elementary school in Texas. I pray for the children and adults killed and their families. It’s time to say ‘enough’ to the uncontrolled arms trade”, he said after the general audience at the Vatican. of 21 people, including 19 children, in a shooting perpetrated in a school in Texas, the governor of this state, Greg Abbott, finds himself in a paradoxical and, to say the least, uncomfortable position. 2015, posted on Twitter a message that resonates sorely today, “I’m EMBARRASSED: Texas is only second in the list of states for buying new firearms, behind CALIFORNIA. Texans, let’s speed up the pace”, he wrote, shortly after his election.>> Read our article in full14:56The grandmother of the alleged shooter still alive -mother of Salvador Ramos, who had been targeted by the alleged shooter before he went to Robb Elementary School, was still alive.In addition, local authorities are also trying to locate his grandfather as well as the different members of his closest family. 14:49 All the victims were in the same classroom In the aftermath of the massacre which left 21 dead including 19 children in Uvalde, Texas, many questions still arise in order to understand the chronology of the This Wednesday, Lt. Chris Olivarez, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, provided further details of the shooting to CNN. a bathroom the classroom in which he then opened fire, and where all the deaths occurred. During the shooting, the officers dispatched to the scene broke windows and tried to evacuate other children and staff before they could force their way into the classroom where the tragedy was taking place, he said. .Regarding the investigation, the lieutenant assured that an investigation “with the FBI” is currently underway in order to go back to the days which preceded the shooting, but also to understand the way in which the young man was obtained his equipment. According to him, the shooter was wearing “a tactical vest without panels used by tactical teams, SWAT teams, where they can place magazines, additional ammunition.” 14:44 The first victims identified At least 19 children and two teachers were killed in the shooting at Robb Elementary School. Quickly, photos of the children were shared on social networks, in particular by their families, sometimes accompanied by search messages, and gradually, for some, by heartbreaking condolences. Several of the victims have been identified. According to the information available at the moment, the schoolchildren affected were aged 7 to 11, and were nearing the end of their school year.>> Our detailed articleThree of the young victims identified in the Uvalde, Texas shooting . ©Twitter; montage BFMTV.com14:42Who is Salvador Ramos, the alleged perpetrator of the shooting?According to the first elements of the investigation, the 18-year-old young man, alleged perpetrator of the shooting and who was finally killed during exchanges of gunfire with the police, is an American citizen and was a student at Uvalde High School. Salvador Ramos allegedly targeted his grandmother first, before driving to school to carry out his massacre there. A photo circulated in local media shows a young man with shoulder-length brown hair, a pale face expressionless.Salvador Ramos, suspected shooter in the Texas elementary school shooting where 19 schoolchildren were killed. © BFMTV14:00According to Macron, France shares the “shock and pain” of the American peopleFrance shares the “shock and pain of the American people” as well as the “anger” of those who oppose the proliferation of firearms in the United States after the death of 19 children in a shooting in Texas, underlined Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday. “19 victims were no more than 10 years old. In their school in Texas, children and teachers were cowardly murdered. The shock and pain of the American people, the anger of those who fight to end the violence, we share them”, indicated the French president in a tweet. after the shooting, US President Joe Biden called for “turning this pain into action” to better regulate guns in the United States. “It’s time to turn this pain into action for every parent, for every citizen of this country”, he launched from the White House, deno nancing “those who prevent or push back or block common sense gun laws”. of the city of Uvalde, Texas, rushed inside Robb Elementary School and opened fire in several classrooms. According to the latest report, at least 21 people are dead: 19 minors and two teachers .Before carrying out this massacre, the teenager would have “shot his grandmother”, according to the governor of Texas.>> Read our article in full


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