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Johnny Depp testifies for the second time: “Whatever happens, I came here and told the truth”


Kate Moss at the Depp vs. Heard: “No. He never pushed me down the stairs” 1:38 (CNN) — Johnny Depp took the stand again Wednesday to refute testimony previously given by witnesses, including Amber Heard, stating that his ex-wife hit him multiple times. and that her accusations of violence against him are “appalling”. Heard previously testified that it was Depp who hit her, and that every time she used force on her it was in response to him. Depp said on Wednesday that Heard’s allegations of physical and sexual violence had gotten “out of control.” “Never in my life have I committed sexual assault, physical abuse. All these outrageous and outrageous stories that I did these things, I lived with it for six years and waited to get the truth out,” Depp said. “So this isn’t easy for any of us. I know that. Whatever happens, I came here and told the truth. And I spoke about what I’ve been carrying around for six years.” Depp sued Heard for $50 million, alleging that a 2018 Washington Post op-ed she wrote calling herself “a public figure representing domestic abuse” defamed the actor and caused him to lose a job in Hollywood. Heard countersued for $100 million, alleging that multiple statements made by Depp’s lawyer calling her abuse claims a “hoax” defamed her. On Wednesday, Depp was shown a photo of himself with a black eye while he and Heard were on the Orient Express for their honeymoon and asked how he got the injury. “Mrs. Heard hit me,” he stated. When Heard took the stand earlier this month, she shared her perspective on multiple allegedly violent incidents with Depp. She testified that Depp took between 8 and 10 MDMA pills around the time of a March 2015 incident in Australia that left the actor with a badly injured finger, something Depp said consuming that many pills would not be possible, during testimony. of this Wednesday. Depp vs. Heard: Another Actor’s Hand Wound Theory 2:12 “Because he would be dead. I’m pretty sure he would be dead,” Depp testified. “I think one would die. Probably pretty quick.” Heard testified that she was not aware that Depp had injured his finger until several hours later. Depp testified that the tip of his finger was cut off after Heard threw a glass vodka bottle at him. A text message to her doctor from her at the time read “I cut the tip of my middle finger…what should I do?” Depp declared this Wednesday that when the doctor went to the house where the ex-partner was staying, he told him what happened. “When he arrived, he saw the damage to the house and the blood everywhere and obviously there was serious damage everywhere. There would be no point in lying to the man who had already been through it with me and Mrs. Heard,” Depp said. “I told her that she had dropped a bottle of vodka and shattered and cut my finger. The tip of my finger. Nice chunk. I miss it.” An orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery who was hired by Heard’s team as an expert witness testified Monday that the injuries Depp sustained to his finger following an incident in Australia were not consistent with his allegation that Heard punched his hand. with a glass vodka bottle, something Depp disputed on the stand Wednesday. “All of that is the first exploded bottle that went through my head,” Depp declared, pointing to a photo of the scene. “And the second bottle hit right here, where my hand was resting on the marble bar.” Depp is expected to continue to testify under questioning after a lunch break.


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